03. February 2008 · Comments Off on WVU writer: Rodriguez “viciously and inexplicably forced” to leave · Categories: Archive 2008

Has the Charleston Gazette writer that was very critical of Rodriguez when he first left for Michigan now done a 180? Read his article here. A few excerpts:

* Now that I understand the facts, I feel it incumbent upon me to retreat and withdraw every petty thought, written or otherwise, I’ve entertained regarding West Virginia’s former football coach over the past month.

* An apology is probably in order, too. After all, until Rodriguez’s legal team filed its response to West Virginia’s vitriolic and totally unnecessary original action demanding $4 million on the spot, it was difficult to see things from both sides and form a logical and reasoned conclusion. Now that I’ve been able to do that, I’m sorry.

Yes, it drips with sarcasm from the local homer writer. But that’s what you get when you post during the Super Bowl.

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