You may have noticed this site pumps Stubhub. They pay a decent commission if you refer someone who buys tickets from their site. While SH’s reporting sucks, it does tell you who bought what. I just found this disturbing sale:

While I can’t know for sure, it appears as though we’ve got a bonafide pessimist within our ranks. It’s a somewhat safe assumption that these tickets were purchased by a Michigan fan. This “fan” no doubt purchased the tickets assuming Michigan would lose to the Buckeyes and take the Big Ten #2 slot in the Capital One Bowl vs. the SEC #2. Funny, the dude is loyal enough to want to attend the Capital One Bowl, but in his hearts of hearts– a traitor.

Reveal yourself coward!

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  1. On the other hand, I do possibly see a bit of genius in this purchase. Someone at the beginning of the season printed up national championship t-shirts and then we lose to app. st. and Oregon. I guess I hope whoever this guy is, that he is doing this for reverse psychology and using it as a good luck charm for us vs. tOSU.

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