[Ed. This was originally posted July 31, 2011.  I'm reposting again for Notre Dame week once again, this is one of my all time favorites.]

Yost was such a beauty.


Up on eBay right now is a 1910 panoramic postcard featuring the Wolverine football squad that season.  In the realm of postcards this is a choice collectible—and the seller is asking $600 for it.

While we’ve seen various postcards featuring squads from this era, what caught my eye is the special addition to the gathering–the white bulldog mascot at Yost’s feet (inset left).

I slung the photo over to my pal John Kryk (Natural Enemies) who, after a laugh no doubt, wrote me back suggesting ol’ Yost probably put the pooch in the photo to counter the antics of then Notre Dame coach Shorty Longman and his bulldog mascot “Mike”.

Longman was a player on Yost’s point-a-minute squads but even after he took the coaching reins in South Bend, Shorty kept his permanent home in Ann Arbor.   In 1909 the Irish defeated Michigan 11-3 in Ann Arbor for their first win in the series.   As Kryk wrote in Natural Enemies, apparently after that historic game Shorty outfitted “Mike” with a little jacket that advertised the 11-3 score and was known to parade him around town.  Ugh.

Michigan and Notre Dame were scheduled for a rematch in 1910 but the game was abruptly cancelled due to a contention over the eligibility of two of the Irish players.  [Ed. Kryk broke down the whole thing here in an excellent guest post.]

While we don’t know for sure when (in 1910) this photo was taken, it’s safe to say that one way or another Yost included the conspicuous canine as a response to Longman’s “Mike”.  And speaking of postcards, here Shorty’s best friend featured in a 1909 Notre Dame postcard:


So…either Yost captured Mike for the team photo, or more likely he rustled up a Mike lookalike and had his tailor work up the cute little jacket.  My only regret—we can’t confirm that FHY put a big fat ‘bite me’ on the dog’s jacket.   If I had to guess, it would have read something like, “Michigan – 1909 Champions of the West” as a stick in the eye to Notre Dame’s similar claim.

1909 U-M Bentley Library team photo

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UGPtop[1]A few folks, including the illustrious Dr. Sap, pinged me because they noticed that the helmets appeared to carry a darker shade of maize on Saturday.  Let’s have a look.

Here’s a look at a few different helmet shots in different light from 2013:

2013 Helmet

As I understand it, the ask of the helmet reconditioners in recent years was to match the helmet shade to the jerseys (which makes sense of course) and you can see that above. 

Now…a couple close-ups from Saturday:

2014 Helmet

The helmets do appear to a be a darker shade, and darker than the high maize in the jersey.  Now…as Dr. Sap epically explained back in 2011, you have to be careful when assessing shades of colors in photos.  Exhibit A, same game:1986NDHarbaugh

I can tell you from seeing them in person that there did appear to be a difference on Saturday.

Sap’s take?  He thinks that Riddell indeed used a darker hue this season when they reconditioned the helmets. 

My take? I trust Sap because Sap’s eye don’t lie.  /slams gavel.  

P.S. While the Uniform Timeline covers a broad range of uni nuance over the years, it hasn’t delved into color tone/shade changes for a few reasons.  Unless the manufacturers or reconditioners provide with specific color codes season over season, I’m going to stay out of that on the Timeline.

P.P.S.  I believe the special gold flecks or flakes have returned in 2014 – I noticed them at media day.


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IMG_9623 - 98 grin

People needed an old school toilet-paper toss style beatdown on someone, and I guess it helped a weency bit that we dropped it on the source of our epic humiliation seven years ago.  Still, we needed 48 more points to erase THE HORROR from memory and in fact, officially from the NCAA record books.  Look it up.

Beyond that, I loved seeing the gaping holes in the line, it was great to see the #1 out there and there was genuine excitement when Peppers was on the field.   Looks like Jake Ryan is still getting used to the position and we need to feel him more next week.

So the general sense out there—that was fun, but now let’s block & run against a real team.  Check back in Saturday night.

Historical Games Notes:  Primarily via #1000SSS:

  • Michigan improved its record in season openers to an impressive 111-21-3.
  • With his three passing touchdowns, Gardner upped his career total to 37 and earned a share of the seventh spot among Michigan’s all-time leaders in the category. He is tied with Todd Collins (1991-94). Gardner also moved to ninth among U-M’s career leaders in total offense with 5,280 yards, passing Tom Brady (5,180, 1996-99).
  • It is the 38th time in program history that U-M boasted two or more 100-yard rushers in a single game.
  • Funchess is the first wide receiver in Michigan program history to boast three touchdown receptions in a season opener.
  • Also of note – today of course was the call for new radio crew of Dan Dierdorf and Jim Brandstatter.

Arena:  As tweeted by Craig at HSR, re: the data graphics on the scoreboards:

scoreboardAgreed – a cleaner look, better data, way easier to read and understand.

Speaking of in stadium improvements, did anyone catch the real time 1050AM radio broadcast?  How about the phone reception?

Mood UpdateThe Mood Index, the metric trying to gauge how great it is to be a Michigan Wolverine.  Up:


Uniform Update:  A few updates out there on Saturday:

  • Legends jerseys.   Funchess swapped the #87 for the coveted #1 of course – details here – so #11 Wisterts, #21 Desmond Howard, and #87 Ron Kramer are currently on the shelf. 
  • Under shell.  Several of the players donned body shells under their jerseys – Team 135 on the left sleeve, Block M on the right.  My take – many players wore these shirts when they first came out but took them off before game time.  I assume they’ll be more prominent when it cools down:

Team 135

  • Nosebumper.  Confirming that the block ‘M’ nosebumper on the helmet it made it to the field (this was a question as recently as Media Day).  Here’s how they look:

Photo Aug 30, 10 47 18 AM

Wondering how they affixed that thing to the helmet and if/when one of them will pop off after a collision. 

This is the first significant change to the nosebumper since the 1985 season when the MICHIGAN label replaced the name of the helmet vendor:

Michigan nosebumper Sidenote: It did appear the shade of maize on the helmets (and only the helmets) was a tad darker this year.  Discussed here.

Uniform Timeline updated.

Hagerup’s kicks:  FWIW:



I’m calling you Chicken while looking cool:  Nice — the folks at Carhartt poked a little fun at our buds in South Bend in this ad in the game program:


M Blogs Killing it:

mgoblog :
Appalachian State Postgame Presser: Brady Hoke
Ace’s game recap:

Only two things came up as real concerns during the game. Jabrill Peppers missed the second half with an ankle injury; Brady Hoke confirmed after the game that his absence was precautionary, and he’ll be back on the field next week for Notre Dame. Meanwhile, Jake Ryan looked uncomfortable at times at middle linebacker, getting overaggressive on run defense and allowing a big gain through the air when he didn’t get enough depth on a zone drop. If your biggest defensive concern is Jake Ryan, however, your defense is in a very good place.

Maize and Blue Nation:
Game Recap
Pregame Photos
The Two 98s (sweet!):


Maize N Brew:
Running game paces Michigan to 52-14 blowout
Michigan 52-App State 14: UM Wins Big In Opener


Maize and Blue News:
Five plays that Changed the Game


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Dr. Sap's Decals Steve “Dr. Sap” Sapardanis is back this season with his weekly postgame helmet stickers.  Sap would do a backflip if coach Hoke decided to reinstate this tradition that Bo brought to the team in 1969. 

Until that day comes, Sap will bring you his game Champions who will be decorated, albeit virtually, with his helmet stickers.   I’ll typically toss in the Fan Award and the Editor’s Choice:


DOUG NUSSMEIER – Yes, it was great to see Devin Gardner look so good throwing the ball. Yes, it was great to see #1 catching touchdown passes (again). Yes, it was great to see Derrick Green and De’Veon Smith run with some authority and confidence.   But in my mind, ALL of this starts with the OC. Coach Nuss got the offense started on the right foot and for that he gets a decal for that offensive performance. May not have been tremendously complex, sophisticated or flashy, but it was simple, effective and confidence-boosting and that is exactly what Team 135 needed to start the season.


GREG MATTISON – The defense just seemed and looked ready to me, today. Believe me I get it – this was Appalachian State 2014, not the 2007 version of the Mountaineers – but the defense was not lost out there. Maybe it has something to do with the talent on the field (both sides), but it looked the Michigan Defense was well-coached and well-prepared. Blitzes were effective. Players didn’t look lost. There was no confusion as to what play was going to be called, where everyone should be lined up and who was covering who. That’s coaching and Mattison deserves credit for having his team ready – more than I can say for the 2007 UM defense against Appy State.


BEN GEDEON – Not only did he have the presence of mind to field the blocked punt, Gedeon had the poise to not only advance the ball, he was able to make a football move to extend for the touchdown.

IMG_0474 - Punt score 

When you get a gift like that, you have to take it to the house. Two plays came to mind when they were reviewing his TD: Roundtree not making it in the endzone against Illinois in 2009 and Stevie Brown’s first quarter INT against Terrell Pryor at OSU in 2008. When you don’t take advantage of plays that you should score on, instead of stepping on the opponent’s collective throat, momentum swings the other way. That didn’t happen today, and that’s a good sign.


MAIZE & BLUE SHOES – If anyone likes the traditional UM uniform, it’s me. Blue shirt. Two-tone maize pants. White socks up to the knees and of course black shoes with white shoe-laces. Having said all that, I gotta tell ya – I liked the look of the blue shoes with the yellow sole/tread. I can live with them.


mustache Runner Up:  This gal.
EDITOR’S CHOICE JACK MILLER – With Molk-like command and confidence directed the offensive line all day, killed it in the postgame interview with Doug Karsch then tweeted at Kate Upton.  Nicely done.


The Appy State rundown:

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More great work by MVictors photog Kelley Kuehne:

IMG_9595 - Grin

The Funchise is officially on the Ham it Up watchlist – my man can ham.

[Update: my man digs this photo:]

D Funch Twitter



IMG_9623 - 98 grin






funch up down

‘It’s like this and like that and like this, you know?’


Never gets old

IMG_0068 - Denard X


IMG_0467 - wall

Love this shot – look at the awareness of these guys to head down field after the punt block…

[Update: Apparently Jake Butt agrees.  Hey, JBooty, how about a hat tip next time? ;) ]

Jake Butt


IMG_0474 - Punt score

…and Gedeon scores



Talk to the Block M, fool



IMG_0008 - Funch2
IMG_0305 - Funch grab

Play of the day – you know it!


Pure Peppers.





IMG_0373 whoop

The De’Veon do-si-do




In and around the gridiron before from this fine morning:

Photo Aug 30, 11 07 26 AM


The obligatory Peppers


Photo Aug 30, 11 21 05 AM

No Horror part Deux, thank you


Jim Brandstatter, Dan Dierdorf, Michigan Football radio

The new radio duo loving it.  And P.S., I shook Dierdorf’s giant hand and now I can barely type this



The inside of the mascot head smells like Doritos, Jagermeister and shattered dreams. (HT: Sklars)


Devin Gardner

The Funchise — surprised everyone by coming out in the COVETED #1.  His statement here.  Uniform timeline will be updated.


Photo Aug 30, 10 47 18 AM

The block M nosebumper made it on the field, Uniform Timeline will be updated.  First change to the bumper since 1985 when MICHIGAN replaced the helmet manufacturer in that slot.


Jared Wangler

NOTHING wrong with seeing that name roam the west sideline



Via U-M media relations:

University of Michigan wide receiver Devin Funchess will wear No. 1 this season, it was announced Saturday (Aug. 30). Below is a statement from Funchess about his number change:

“It was an incredible honor to be selected to wear the number 87 Legends Jersey in honor of Ron Kramer. I spoke with his son, Kurt, and many of my teammates before I decided to change my number and they were all unbelievably supportive. Ron Kramer was the best tight end in Michigan history, and I think his number should be worn by someone playing that position. Moving strictly to wide receiver, I watched a lot of Michigan greats over the offseason and kept seeing receivers wearing number 1 making plays, from Anthony Carter to Derrick Alexander, David Terrell and Braylon Edwards, and I wanted to carry on another Michigan tradition this season.”

3 - conleyspringgame

This morning 1964 championship team captain Jim Conley joined John U. Bacon on WTKA as part of the Fantastic Friday lineup.  Captain Conley covered a lot of ground – from leadership, to his unique set of teammates, to coach Bump Elliott – and of course shared a bunch of stories from that amazing season:

Conley also noted that the ‘64 team will be honored during the Minnesota game this year – which is great news.  Hopefully Bump (who is 89 and lives in Iowa) will be there.


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51 Yes sir!  This Week in Michigan Football History returns for its 5th season as part of the WTKA 1050AM (and new this year, Sports Extra 1330AM in Flint) KeyBank Countdown to Kickoff.

Saturday we relive THE HORROR we jump back 11 years to the rosy season of 2003, when John Navarre and Chris Perry led the Wolverines on another championship run.

Things started off on August 30, 2003 when our pals from Mount Pleasant came to town and kept it interesting before Perry and Navarre dialed up 4 straight touchdowns in the second half.   After stumbling on the road at Oregon and Iowa, Coach Carr’s crew responded in epic fashion, including the ridiculous comeback in Minnesota and the 51 Special [inset photo via the Michigan Daily] in East Lansing.

The regular season concluded in grand fashion with the glorious 100th game in Ohio State rivalry, as against Ohio State and Sweatervest McCheatypants came to town in late November and got served by the Victors Valiant.





You can catch all of the This Week in Michigan Football History clips here…And don’t forget to catch it live Saturday on the KeyBank Countdown to kick-off on WTKA 1050AM and Sports Extra 1330AM in Flint or..inside the Bud Light Victors Lounge Saturday.


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