• The Michigan All-Stars (1901)

    I rarely post eBay newspaper artifacts but occasionally there are exceptional items out there. Check this out – a November 24, 1901 edition of The Sunday Inter Ocean featuring a few of Yost’s finest from his first Point-A-Minute squad: Left to right you’ve got Willie Heston, “Boss” Weeks, Curtis Redden, Hugh White, Neil Snow, Arthur Redner (not Kidner), Bruce Shorts (Not ‘Shots’ – but maybe that was his nickname in the local taverns). The seller wants $40 – would make a nice ornament on your personcave or within your Michigan shrine. Follow MVictors on Twitter

  • U-M Bentley Historical Library

    Eras of Michigan Football

    This week I was invited to deliver a guest lecture on campus in the course The History of College Athletics. I covered what I consider the Fielding Yost Era, basically covering the period of Hurry Up's arrival to the hiring of Fritz Crisler. Preparing for the class prompted me to work up this simple timeline, representing what I see to be the four distinct eras of in Michigan football history:

  • A Column for Curtis Redden

    On this day a century ago in January 1919, Curtis Redden passed away in Germany. A lieutenant colonel in 149th Field Artillery, Redden developed pneumonia and never recovered. Did you know that Redden is honored inside Illinois' Memorial Stadium? Here's the story:

  • 26+

    Let’s agree that football polls are silly and to spend any time getting worked up over a given ballot is a waste of energy.   That said, apparently FIU head coach Butch Davis left your beloved Wolverines off of his ballot.  Entirely.

  • Pantsed

    A few thoughts from the aftermath of Saturday's shocking trouncing by the Buckeyes. Includes takes on the fan reaction, Harbaugh's job security and those griping about JH's salary. Read on.

  • Going for Three

    Building on John Niyo's fine piece in the Detroit News about Woody’s oft-repeated line following the 1968 Michigan-Ohio State game. Asked why he went two Hayes allegedly replied, “Because I couldn’t go for three,” Here's a look at the truth from 1968, and a bet-you-didn't-know precursor to that game, a very similar incident in the 1961 game.