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With current odds on Harbaugh to Michigan lingering between 99% and 105%, time to repost this sharp take from yrs truly back in 2007:

million billion

Hey at least I backed off a billion, man.

Bo on Coach Harbaugh
That was post was in 2007, after Harbaugh took over at Stanford and a few months after his comments about his academic experience at Michigan that resulted in some unfriendly fire between he, Mike Hart and Lloyd Carr.   That’s probably one of those things people around here like to say wouldn’t have happened had Bo still been around, and that’s tough to argue.

Speaking of Bo, on the eve of the 100th game between Ohio State and U-M in 2003 he was asked about the idea of Harbaugh’s coaching future.  Harbs was apparently discussed for an opening at Eastern Michigan and here are Bo’s comments via

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  1. When Harbaugh and Wheatley and Moeller and the rest of his buddies roll into AA, it sure will make those 730 mile round trip drives on Michigan Football Saturdays a little more enjoyable !!! There is NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING worse than spending 12 hours in a car and 3 hours at the game to have to small talk “How did Maryland just embarrass us ??” all the way home !! We need to get back the nastiness and toughness and meanness of those 1970’s and 80’s O Lines and be MICHIGAN Again !!! Seven years of this crap is enough !!!