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Just a few hours after Bo Schembechler died on Friday November 17, 2006, the Ann Arbor News pulled off quite a feat: it got the story and initial reaction by its lead columnist out in time to make the afternoon delivery. One problem. The headline it chose of “BO DEAD” in huge typeface has drawn some serious heat from the community.

My first thought when pulling the news paper out of the box that Friday afternoon was “Wow, they got the story out”. It was in my mailbox just over 3 hours after word came of Bo’s passing. The second thought was wondering why they went with that headline. BO DEAD did seem kind of harsh, I’m sure they didn’t mean anything by it but I feel some more thought could have gone into that. The News is currently printing some of the letters to the editor from upset readers that want heads to roll for going with that headline:

Friday, December 08, 2006
Schembechler headline was inappropriate
I was horrified to see the headline following Bo’s death on Nov. 17. I am stunned that the writers at The Ann Arbor News couldn’t think of anything better than “BO DEAD.” Off the top of my head, I can come up with several: “A Legend Falls,” “U-M Loses a Legend,” “Icon Lost,” “Losing Bo,” “Bo Knew … Everything,” “Maize, Blue and Bo: Losing an Ann Arbor Legend,” “Michigan Mourns Bo,” “The Big House Has a Big Loss,” or simply … “Bo.”

“BO DEAD” was shockingly inappropriate.
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When I read the Nov. 17 headline about Bo Schembechler’s death – “BO DEAD” – I thought: “What a strange way to do this.” I have seen that other readers agree. Whoever put that one together is really lacking any sense at all.

Barry J. Ohman, Ann Arbor
Headline wording was cold and tasteless

Your headline on the Nov. 17 paper – “BO DEAD” – was cold, tasteless and classless. Would it have been any more difficult to print “BO DIES” or “BO PASSES”? I found it offensive to the memory of someone beloved by this community and your readership. Shame on you.

Steven M. Donn, Ann Arbor


I, along with my colleagues and family, were appalled at the headline in the Nov. 17 Ann Arbor News, “BO DEAD.” Whoever put that on the front page should be fired. Bo was too good of a man to be headlined like that. It wasn’t anywhere near a tribute to him. Why not “The legendary Bo died this morning at age 77” or something more honoring of him? I hope more people are as upset as we are.

Sharon M. Gingras, Saline

Your huge “BO DEAD” headline for the Nov. 17 paper was in very poor taste. Big, brash and lacking inrespect.

Patricia W. Martin, Ann Arbor

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  1. I found my copy of the original headline so I scanned it in.

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