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If you missed it, Michigan met with Les Miles last night and Brandon flew home, the athletic department is offering two seats at the new coach press conference, the players have a meeting today at 4pm, and on the way home from Baton Rouge, Dave Brandon wrapped his luxurious plane around Ohio so as not to enter Buckeye airspace.

So why no word yet on whether Miles is the guy?  Tough to say because we don’t know what happened in the meeting.  Perhaps they are sleeping on it, perhaps they wanted to wait until Miles delivers his speech today at the coaches convention, perhaps Miles is listening to LSU’s counter-offer, perhaps the two sides agreed to move on, perhaps Brandon wanted to give Moe’s time to order oversized M hats.

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  1. As someone who believed Rodriguez deserved another year with a new defensive staff and is a little concerned about Miles' ethics (i.e. oversigning, cutting players), I'm willing to give the guy a fair chance to (hopefully) succeed or fail on his own merits. I do like the assumption that Les will work to exploit the strengths of the offense, which should mean we have a fighter's chance of keeping Denard at Michigan. I believe that a condition of his hiring should be that he develop potential successors, ala MSC's recent extension.

  2. I hope AD Brandon considers Mike Trgovac

  3. Well, it looks like Les decided to validate concerns about his ethics. He used his alma mater to get himself a better deal.

  4. This is turning into our own version of Groundhog Day. I can't wait to see who rejects us tomorrow…..

    Wait!! Didn't I see some story awhile back about Tyrone Wheatly coaching somewhere?


  5. News Flash: The plane to So Cal has left the barn. Hopefully, we may know in about 8 hours if we have a new coach.

  6. Rosenberg has an interesting take on this: http://www.freep.com/article/20110111/COL22/11011

    Dave Brandon didn't get to the position he's in by being a moron. Michigan football will be fine. Go Blue.