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Michigan fans, #2 most obnoxious on Fox Sports’ list covering all of college football. Their reasoning for the second slot:

What can you say about a fan base that thinks a loss should be rewarded? Never mind their incessant complaining after dropping (gasp!) in the rankings after losing to No. 1 Ohio State in 2006, they actually think the rest of the country cares about their rivalry with the Buckeyes. Maybe if the game actually determined a legit BCS title contender, we would. But without a doubt, Michigan fans are the whiniest fans in college football.

Do we have to go through this again? I think Michigan fans dropped that right after the Rose Bowl, but ok.

So that’d leave the Buckeye fans #1 most annoying of course, right? Wrong, the Buck mob slid in at #7 somehow with Notre Dame fans topping the list. Maybe I need to understand what they mean by obnoxious but in general I like Notre Dame fans.

One thing I can’t stand about Irish fans, the oft-uttered notion that “a good Notre Dame team is good for college football”, as if CFB has been suffering over the past 20 years and requires a savior (memo to ND fans, it’s you that needs salvation). Maybe college football on the whole is more interesting on some level with a good Notre Dame team, but really, who cares other than Irish backers?

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