Do you know these guys?

image That’s Mike Wolfe and his partner Frank Fritz, stars of History Channel’s American Pickers.   According to, the treasure hunting pair is coming to town looking for a good pick:

Show producer Jeff Eggleston confirmed on Tuesday that the show will be coming to Michigan, but said the itinerary is not set. The show plans to shoot in the area sometime between April 12 and April 24, he said.

So why do I care?  I love the show but more importantly, check out what’s on Eggleston’s list of items they are looking for on their visit:

  • Michigan sports memorabilia: Unique pieces related to any of Michigan’s college or professional sports teams.

I try to catch the holy trinity of memorabilia shows on Monday: Antiques Roadshow, Pawn Stars and American Pickers hoping that one day they’ll stumble upon an item related Michigan football and dial up yours truly to provide some expert input.   (I even stretched this wish to Detroit’s Hardcore Pawn as I told Hondo Carpenter the other day.) 

I reached out to the show’s research department to let them know I’m available if they find anything, and I suggested a couple places/people to talk to about their collections.  If you know of an awesome collection they should check out, email americanpickers [at]


  1. I wonder what happened to all of the stuff in Ron Kramer’s house when he passed away. I heard he had a crazy amount of memorabilia in his house, and I don’t think he was married or had any kids.

  2. Thats awesome! I hope you get a call from durning the show. I’ll keep a eye out for ya Dooley! lol

  3. Any idea when this would actually air? My dad’s uncle used to have the largest private Michigan program collection known to man, until it was recently sold (tears of infinite sadness here). I’m sure he’s got some other great memorabilia too, though I’m not sure he’s in any condition to let a TV show pick through it. But I’d bet he’d like to see the show.

    • Checkout the details in the story – I just know they are coming to town in a couple weeks. If you think it’s worth them checking out, email the researcher for the show