The Detroit News’ Angelique Chengelis joined Mike ‘Stoney’ Stone while he was guest hosting for Mitch Albom on WJR this evening.  It created a (..I promised myself I wouldn’t cry..) nostalgic reunion of the iconic Detroit drive-time radio segment on the old Stoney and Wojo show on WDFN 1130AM.

First, your audio:

  • Stoney likes the Broncos plus the 12 or so points (me too).
  • Angelique wasn’t shocked that Rodriguez mentioned the possibility of playing three quarterbacks because she hasn’t seen anyone separate either.
  • In a weird way, Angelique agrees with Rodriguez’s decision to give them a shot.  She thinks Denard will come on in a package with Forcier.
  • They talked about public sentiment, which they correctly noted is overwhelmingly in favor of playing the freshman.
  • Co-host Ken suggested Nick Sheridan is a bit like Joey Harrington (after the fall), where no matter what he does he can’t win.
  • Angelique walked around her house last night without shoelaces tied a la Denard to try it out with no luck.  Apparently Robinson ran track without laces on either.
  • Chengelis went on about how Robinson reminds her of Desmond Howard.
  • She talked about the chemistry among the coaches with Greg Robinson on board that wasn’t around last year under Shafer.
  • Angelique doesn’t see Michigan challenging Ohio State until the Buckeyes’ visit in 2011.
  • Both Stoney and Angelique think Notre Dame will be pretty good this season and looking over the schedule, she sees “a tough season” ahead.


  1. I tried, I really did, to listen to Stoney & Wojo. One summer I religiously tuned in every weekday at 3 or whatever time it started. I just couldn’t take it. I really like Wojo’s articles, but his radio persona just drove me up a wall. They would start talking about the Wings or the Tigers, but they could never actually talk about them without veering off into one of their bits or Wojo would do his whiny I’m a big baby schtick for 10 minutes straight and I just would get too impatient waiting for actual sports content. I know they were beloved by many, but they always seemed like sports talk aimed at people who weren’t necessarily big sports fans. That said I don’t think much of Mitch Albom either. My 2 cents.

  2. I miss Stoney and Wojo and especially DFN as a station… i hope those two can reunite with Diesel in the future once Bigby gets rid over the useless idiots V and F.

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