The Angel of the Big House discusses the tough times, the reaction from fans, on Bill Martin, Rich Rod, Shafer and more second guessing.

A couple other notes:
* Angelique admits during the call-in portion that she wouldn’t be shocked in Sam McGuffie transferred.
* Said she’s spoken with Lloyd Carr and that he’s a true Michigan man and that’s he’s saddened by the events of this season.
* A caller compares Rodriguez to John L. Smith; Angelique offers that perhaps a better comparison is John Cooper in the sense that Cooper didn’t embrace the rivalry.


  1. God, himself, couldn’t make this team .500. Give the man some time. They’re playing, what, 12 freshmen. Everyone talks about how this defense is worse this year. This is the same defense that gave up big pts / plays against App St, Oregon, and Florida last year
    During the Henne/Hart era, which was 50 games, 14 of those games, the defense allowed 30 or more points.
    Let’s face it, UM hasn’t had a good defense since 1997.

  2. Right on, Travis. David Harris and Larry Foote are the only consistent tacklers we’ve had since 1997 too. Give ’em time. But man, this Angelique interview is one of the most depressing things I’ve heard this year. C’mon Angelique, snap out of it! Chin up!