U-M baseball coach Rich Maloney joined Ira and Sam this morning on WTKA 1050AM and discussed the goings on around the baseball program, including the upcoming games against the rival Spartans.  You can catch the audio here.

Unfortunately the weather washed out today’s MSU game in East Lansing and I just learned it will not be rescheduled.   They will try to play their game tomorrow and let’s hope they get it in– it’s The Price Is Right night and it’ll be in Ann Arbor.  If you’re wondering why they aren’t bothering to reschedule today’s game or make tomorrow’s a double-header, well, due to a stupid scheduling thing these are technically non-league games.  Just be thankful the coaches got together to make this series happen.

Speaking of the Big Ten, during the Maloney interview Sam marveled over the state of the league standings and it is indeed quite a sight.  Through Sunday, with six games left every place in the conference is there for the taking:



  1. formerlyanonymous

    Worst case scenario, 7 teams can tie for 2nd place. Worst case being maximum chaos. Worst worst case could see Michigan miss the tournament. It’s possible. Therefore it’s likely. Not for any logical reason, but because this season is full of the illogical. It’s also possible that Michigan could be a 1 seed with a bye. It’s possible. Therefore it’s likely. This season is driving me insane.

  2. @formerlyanonymous
    I love that someone worked that out, thanks, I was wondering if someone they could all get bunched up in the end.

  3. formerlyanonymous

    Classes finished Sunday for me. I spent all day lamenting.