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Dhani Jones, Desmond Howard, Denard Robinson

A few photos from the LSA Appreciate + Reciprocate event held on campus last night.  The event featured a panel of Desmond Howard, Dhani Jones and Denard answering a series of questions about their Michigan experiences & more.   The event raised over $10,000 for the LSA Emergency Scholarship Fund.

Denard was actually originally scratched from the event due to some NFL-related commitments, but worked things out to make it in.


  • Dhani reliving his rally of the “freeks and geeks” at East Quad to march over and join the annual South Quad-West Quad snowball fight.
  • Desmond describing Greg Harden, U-M’s longtime director of athletic counseling, as “The Wolf” (or Mr. Wolf if you’re nasty)—the guy who solves problems for athletes with questions and troubles. 
  • The three arguing about whose coaches worked them harder, with Denard reminding the other 2 about a certain investigation in such matters during his tenure.

A few more pics:

1 Duh Doy

1 Denard Dhani

1 Hail Cake

Epic Hail cake by Sweet Heather Anne


1 Lace Naturally Denard’s loafers were untied and I promise* this is the last shot of Denard’s shoes on this site.

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* i can’t promise that

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