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Iowa goes down, is Michigan in the title hunt?
After beating the Iowa Hawkeyes on Saturday Michigan may now have a chance at getting into the BCS championship game at the Rose Bowl. Michigan will have to win the rest of their games (including big games against Michigan State, Wisconsin and of course the Buckeyes), and some teams will still have to lose.

I give the Wolverines about a 20% chance of getting to the national championship game in Pasadena, CA. If they do, I know a few Michigan men that will rejoice.

This is a pretty good team, but I think they will need a stronger running game to be considered great team. One BCS computer geek runs the numbers Sunday afternoon based upon available data (the real BCS comes out Monday night). He has Michigan currently 4th.

IF they do win the rest of their games and don’t get into the final it would be tough to take. Despite a down year in the Big Ten, it is still a brutal task to run the schedule. They would deserve at least a shot. Unless there are two strong undefeated teams left at the end, the BCS will be criticized again. Solution: Keep the polls, but institute a committee (like NCAA hoops) to select four or more teams for a college football playoff.

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