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Did you hear Bob Page this morning on WTKA? No, you didn’t, because Page calls in during the 9-10am slot when nobody listens. He was in rare form this morning, taking a few brutal shots at Michigan and Michigan State on the eve eve of the game. Here’s the full audio:

Here’s a little more on Page from the site ‘Out of Bounds‘:

But Page, who most notably worked at channel 7 in the 70’s and 80’s before switching to cable, left Detroit for New York and actually made it — big time. I always thought it was delicious that rabblerouser Page should make it in New York while the straight-laced guys went kapoot.

Page became a big shot at MSG Network, usually handling Rangers and Knicks intermissions, along with some reporting and studio work during sportscasts. In Detroit, he angered channel 7 enough to get himself fired, and he was no favorite among Lions officials for his remarks about the team and even the play-by-play offered to the media (not to be confused with radio for the fans) in the press box. Page felt it was too slanted toward the home team; not objective, the way press box play-by-play should be. He was also kicked out of Billy Martin’s office once.

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