Hockey season ticket holders hold a nice email from AD Dave Brandon today.  In it, Super Dave reminisced about last season, evoked Bo Schembechler and thanked my fellow ticketeers for their patronage:


Also included was a 25 question survey where you were asked a variety of questions like how many games you attend, who goes with you, what you do with your unsold tickets, if you’d be interested in transferring your tickets to someone else, and of course what you’d improve about the game day experience at old Yost. 

As far as improvements, I started to type “bathrooms” (which aren’t that bad) but then remembered the biggest issue at Yost:


Yeesh.  I guess the scoreboards themselves aren’t so bad—it’s the horrible video screens.  Fans deserve to see all these terrible calls replayed over and over again inside the rink.  The best feature offered today is the “slot machine” effect on out of town scores. 

Dave, pump some technology upstairs next to all those banners.


  1. My proposed improvements to the Michigan Hockey experience:

    1) Let the Hockey Band Director dance!

    2) No home games during February (student) Break

    3) Don't charge me a "fee" to refund my CCHA Playoff "If Necessary" Tickets


      Good call on the ‘If Necessary’ game. They do refund regular season ticket holders after their done. My problem with it is that they make you communicate back to them that you want money the refund, with the option to donate it (like we don’t donate enough). If they’re going to charge you upfront for the “if necessary” ticket, at least automatically refund it. I mean, who doesn’t want their money refunded??