Michigan radio color man Jim Brandstatter sits in with Doug Karsch on 97.1/1270 and hits on the $4M buy-out and Michael Rosenberg’s recent piece [mgoblog’s blow-by-blow analysis] that trashes Rodriguez.

UPDATE: Today’s editorial in the News ties the Rodriguez settlement to the athademics scandal:

If anyone is under the illusion that Michigan football is part of the universe of public education, get over it.

Sure enough, we’ll get over it. Will you?


  1. Brandy is great.

    Karsch and Anderson are really sounding good.

  2. can’t get audio at work. summary?

  3. Webmaster

    Summary: Give Rich Rod a break, Rosenberg went over the line with his column.

  4. Michigan alum in Hershey, PA

    I love everything that Brandstatter stands for. I’m a younger gent, and I didn’t have the fortune of watching his Michigan teams. However, I have had the pleasure of listening intently to his material for nearly a decade now.

    All the best to him and his his associates. I can only imagine how hard all of you work to succinctly, professionally–and, heck, even elegantly–provide us our most coveted collegiate football news.

    Thank you!