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Dominant Ohio State D makes the difference; Troy Smith completes the comeback
Oh the pain. Jim Tressel continued his mastery over Lloyd Carr’s Wolverines as the Buckeyes took down the Michigan Wolverines again, the second time in Ann Arbor. Since Tressel arrived, the only Michigan win was the classic 100th meeting between the two teams (thank goodness!).

Before the game, Carr said a loss would make this season a disappointment. It happened and it is. While clearly overrated as pre-season #4, there really is no acceptable terms whereby this team can lose four regular season games (three at home!) and consider it a good season. It is very disappointing for everyone.

Here are the takes on this game:– Buckeye Bamboozle Poor Schlimmy! Tailgate legend Scott Grow fell victim to the eBay Buckeye Ticket Bandit. Earlier this year Schlim locked into tickets to the big Michigan – Ohio State game on eBay to a seller with a high rating. The tickets were to be delivered 2 weeks before the game. Payment was rendered and nothing ever showed up. Turns out Scotty wasn’t the only one burned by this deadbeat: there have been over 70 complaints to the Ohio Attorney General. It turned into a big news story, here’s one update.

– White Whale. The sweater-vested one is now a major thorn in Lloyd’s keister. Cross comparisons to the vilified John Cooper are rampant in the media. Next season will be pivotal in this series, as Michigan returns a pretty strong team and Troy Smith will likely be back. Speaking of the sweater vest, I was expecting Buckeye Jim in a winter coat but no sir. Sweater vest. His closest must be riddled with those things, maybe Lloyd should try one on.

– White Wall. Michigan never got a run game going. When holes appeared to be there (this was the exception), Ohio State’s linebackers quickly turned the gap into a wall of white jerseys. It was painful to watch.

– Henne’s Play. Criticized much of the year, Chad Henne played a great game. He had a kick in his step from the beginning, and was firing consistently nice balls to the squad. He even ran in a the two point conversion and overall made sound decisions. With the complete absence of a running game, Henne nearly finessed Michigan to an undeserved win over a superior Buckeye team.

– January Bowl? Somewhat ironic, the Buckeye win actually didn’t really hurt Michigan’s bowl position. With Penn State beating Michigan State and taking the Big Ten BCS bid, Ohio State is a likely candidate for an at-large BCS bid along with Notre Dame. That will likely leave Wisconsin and Michigan in the other Big Ten January Bowls (Capitol One and Outback), extending Carr’s streak of 9 straight New Year’s Day+ bowl games despite the poor season. –

– Ear Muffs. One of the reasons I bring a radio into the game is to block out the ridiculous comments by my fellow Wolverine fans. I left it in the car this time, and regretted it big time. The guy in the row behind us was so brutal, spewing his comments to his “buddy” within ear shot of half of section 22. Look, this guy is not the first to say something or direct a comment toward the team and refs on the field. Everyone knows Chad Henne can’t hear throwing tips from fans in Row 65 of Michigan Stadium. I yell out things every game, and have been known to give advice to coaches on my television. And I’m not suggesting that we need to remain silent and pass notes to each other concerning our takes. Having opinions about the coaching and the play is part of the experience. My point is that there is a point where you are disrupting the experience of the people around you. When someone is constantly talking, you can’t help but a) hear it, and b) process it. I want to watch Michigan play, not conduct a point-counterpoint in my head with the jerk behind me. That’s a major reason I (usually) bring the radio.

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