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Citrus Bowl - Michigan vs Florida 2008

A few photos directly from the Michigan fan section at the big game. Thanks to Amy and Jeff who sent over these beauties. I had a great New Years but would have loved to have been there. Enjoy!

Update 1/14: Reader Kelly sent over a recap of her experience at the game along with a few more photos. I blended them into the photo gallery above. Here’s her take on the game:

It was unreal and I still can believe I got to witness it in person. It was my first bowl game (I came from New Jersey) and a first for my brother and his 8 year old son (they live in Orlando). We grew up in Michigan, and I’m fan because of my brothers influence…to share that time with my nephew and brothers was truly amazing. It was the kind of thing we’ll be telling our grandkids about. The only negative is that I’m afraid my nephew will never attend another game that lives up to what we saw that day!

We had some serious nosebleed seats – Section 308 and 6 rows from the top. We were surrounded by Michigan fans, but it seemed like Florida fans where everywhere else. I’m guessing it was about 80% Florida fans and 20% Michigan fans. Two things about the fans — First, very nice on both sides – we didn’t get one rude comment from a Florida fan. Also, I had this idea that SEC fans stand and scream the whole game – not at all true, at least yesterday. That might be that they were worried from the first play of the game.

Kelly also took some nice vids from the game. Here’s a nice one from up top in the stadium after the game.