Update 12/7:  A new prize option, the Ufer Meechigan t-shirt, see below. 

<insert snarky caption here>

Rich Rod was a bit subdued in the press conference today, here meeting with the media before the video portion.  That’s Dave Brandon in the background fiddling with his Blackberry.  He was at the Junge Center today to formally accept the Gator Bowl bid.  mgoTim has the nuts, bolts, twigs and berries for you.

One item of note for the uniWatch crowd: Michigan will don the home blue uniforms in the game according to Dave Ablauf of Media Relations. (Hat tip to reader Brian S. for asking me the question earlier today).

Got a winning caption? Submit it in the comments of this post.  If someone comes up with an epic caption you’ll get one of these awesome Bo Schembechler wearing headset shirts compliments of the wonderful folks at Moe’s/Underground Printing.  


Update 12/7: Or, how about this beauty?  Hot off the press the Bob Ufer ‘Meechigan’ t-shirt:



  1. "Do you think Dave's done programming my new 'Groban-free' Pandora station yet?"

  2. "hi jim. good bluff w/ extension. see u jan 2."

  3. To: Jimmy H #4

    Do you want to be my new head coach?

    Check here for yes:

    Check here for no:

    Hugs and Smooches,


  4. So if i bet this "MSU" does that count?

  5. "no u raise me up, lol"

  6. "How many times is he going to call me dum-dum? Great Gazoo, my @$$!"

  7. "@JohnBeilein don't worry, transitions take time"

  8. Real Michigan Man – No worries!!! The stuffed beaver will be gone too!


  9. "Damn, how does Dave still have all that hair?"

  10. Anyone got the number to the nearest Dominos?

  11. I submitted a friend request to Jim almost 2 weeks ago, WTF!

  12. RR: God I hope the $1.5M I just donated to Stanford is enough.
    DB: Holy shit, how can Stanford afford to give Jimmy a raise?

  13. Wonder how big the raise is he's figures I'm worth?

  14. Rich Rod strains to hear the lyrics as Dave Brandon plays "Twisting" by They Might Be Giants from his iPod Touch in the background

  15. To: Secretary

    "Pls file this under Rich's evaluation: 'Really 'unpleasant' after too much of Miss Rita's famous nacho dip. 10x worse than Brandstatter.'"

  16. Brandon's Blackberry: "Do you wish to poke Jim Harbaugh (Stanford)?"
    RR: "Bitch stole my job security!"

  17. The room fell awkwardly silent after a reporter points out that the soccer coach clearly had no trouble recruiting kickers who could put it between the posts during an actual game. Rodriguez responds with a baleful glare; Brandon figets with his blackberry.

  18. " Could you stop with the Tweets already? @groban was my boy first!"

  19. Virgilthechicken

    Brandon: I've made my decision.
    2 large pizzas, one meat one veggie. Order is placed!
    RR: Dammit! He knows I wanted breadsticks! Still, I'm better off not saying anything.

  20. The Leader and Best…. for the Bo t-shirt

  21. "Its still real to me dammit!"

  22. "What do you mean 'Jim is out sailing' ?"

  23. RR: Hmmm…I wonder if he's ordering pizza.
    RR: "Hey Dave, no anchovies, please."
    DB: "Sorry Rich, not ordering pizza."
    RR: "Oh." Que Josh Groban…

  24. Brandon: @CraigJames, do you think we could use Adam for a few days

    RR: At least Matt Millen supports me having one more year.

  25. Forget DB and RR. Either a mystery man is sneaking a peak at DB’s Facebook page, or RR needs to get Kuato surgically removed from his skull . . . . but not before asking for insight on how to shape up Blue’s D.

    • Greg from MVictors

      I gotta give the title to K's on the strength of mentioning the 3rd man in the photo, dropping a Kuato reference and jabbing the defense. Well done K's

  26. DB: "Let me see what random people on the internet message boards think I should do"
    RR: "Oh shit…"

  27. I wish I could cry right now

  28. "What does Dooley want now??"