The Ann Arbor News reported that Lloyd Carr’s contract with the University of Michigan was altered slightly this December. The News, who obtained a copy of the contract via the Freedom of Information Act, revealed that the requirement for Carr to receive a deferred compensation payment was changed. The prior contract stated that Carr must work as “Head Football Coach” until July 1, 2007 as a condition for receiving that money. The new contract states that Carr must work for the university “”in any capacity”. After retirement, Carr’s contract makes him associate athletic director.

So what does this mean?
– For the Carr bashers, this will be interpreted as sweet, sweet music. Why would the change be made if the retirement feelings weren’t looming large for Carr and Bill Martin?
– On the other hand, Carr has indicated that he may not be coaching much longer already, and this change simply might be something his lawyer recommended. Of course Martin said this means nothing, and Carr would say the same.

Given that Carr will retire whenever he feels like it, you have to assume that Bill Martin will ask for some kind of notice to prepare for what could be a three ring circus: the hiring process for a new Wolverine coach. This might be the first sign that the plans are officially in the works.


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  2. Andrew Rosenstein

    Replacements? Maybe Harbaugh if next five years. Hopefully not Debord or Scott Loefller.

    Hopefully Cowher in two years

  3. I would just want a coach who can coach Michigan to more than one victory in six tries against Tressel. Oh by the way, win a bowl game once in a blue moon too.