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Saturday marked the latest edition of the “Carr’s Wash for Kids” as the Michigan football team assembled at Michigan stadium to clean the cars of the good people of Ann Arbor. All told the gang polished 536 automobiles and raised over $175,000. Added to the total from the Takeover of WTKA 1050AM, the team’s efforts on Thursday and Saturday raised around $300,000 for the new C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital. Here’s more on the hospital and how you can still support this cause.

Carr's Wash for C.S. Mott Children's Hospital!

The Ann Arbor News dispatched a few folks out there including Jim Carty who confirmed a few interesting items:

Arrington’s Steps Back: Not a big surprise, but Carty caught up with talented receiver Adrian Arrington who was at the Wash and confirmed he’s back on the team. His penance? 60 Straight days of running the steps of Michigan stadium.

The stink eye for Harbaugh: Don’t know the specifics, Carty reported that Coach Carr didn’t have any kind words for Jim Harbaugh given his recent comments reflecting negative on the program. Carty wrote “Carr had no comment [on Harbaugh]..but made it clear he’s not happy…”. Oh, to have seen the look on his face as he grumbled “no comment”.

Mallett’s Misery: Cocky freshman QB Ryan Mallett was quite the center of attention on Thursday and Saturday, as folks from Mike Hart to Lloyd’s daughter Tammi Carr were buzzing about the strong armed Texan. Carty spent some time with the young lad and learned that Mallett had a tough time adjusting to the cold weather when he enrolled early in January. According to Carty, the homesickness was “bad enough for him to think about tranferring home and attending the University of Arkansas..” The net? He got over it and cheered up after the weather broke.

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