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From WTKA this morning, former AA News columnist Jim Carty’s weekly call into Sam Webb and Andy Evans.  Discussing Jay Bilas’s comments on Manny Harris’s foul, ejection and on the Duke grad’s constant stream of criticism toward the Michigan program.

On Bilas, Carty says:

  • Bilas “should not be commenting on Michigan”
  • “he lost all credibility with Michigan with he ripped John Beilein last year, and it’s all because of his relationship with Tommy Amaker”
  • he’s completely unobjective
  • “the guy has no credibility in this, it’s a clear, clear violation of journalism ethics”

Of course Carty is right on here, and I hadn’t considered the ethical aspect of this. We’re so used to hearing these guys spout off but certainly these guys consider themselves journalists, and there is a standard. Bilas needs to zip it.

You can hear the full call here, along with the rest of the WTKA podcasts.

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