Jim Carty with his regular call in to WTKA 1050am, talking about what was going on in online [“lynch mob”] during his MLive blog midway through the game on Saturday:


* Adam Rittenberg notes that the Toledo kick-off will be at noon.
* Speaking of reaction midway through the game, read A-Ritts’ blog post at halftime of the Wisconsin game. Pretty funny. I wonder what was on the other laptops in the press box at Michigan Stadium? A few slices:

I just walked by several “Old Blues” in the press box who are saying this is the worst they’ve ever seen Michigan play at the Big House, and it’s the 500th game.

Can Michael Phelps start taking snaps for Michigan?

And it’s not like the Wolverines are doing anything when they keep the ball. Michigan finished the half with 21 total yards and minus-7 passing yards. Can you say Notre Dame of 2007?

Barring a dramatic turnaround after halftime, Michigan will find itself at the bottom of the Big Ten power rankings on Monday.

All-American tight end Travis Beckum remains on the sideline, his helmet now no longer on his head. The Badgers don’t need Beckum the way they’re dominating this game. Save him for Ohio State next week. This one looks like it’s over.

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  1. yeah i read rittenberg’s post just as it was published (rss-ed), and that last sentence caught my eye too. “this one looks like it’s over.” and by the end of the game i just had to read that again. for the joy of it. haha.