At least as of this morning, the video I posted of the the mauling of Steve Kampfer at the Michigan-Michigan State hockey game last night seems to be the only one out there. Here’s a few stills in a little higher quality than the YouTube item:

Conboy and Tropp zero in on Kampfer

Conboy gives Kampfer the old clothesline from behind

…and takes Kampfer down.

Tropp cocks his stick, but actually pulls back a bit

Then Tropp gets a look…

…and then takes a swing..

…and connects. Michigan immediately dispatches the team doctor

To Conboy’s credit, he appears to shove Corey Tropp with his right arm…

..and then pushes him away with his left

I’ve watched this over and over, Tropp’s in deep.


Blue Ice: The Story of Michigan Hockey

Thanks to Craig Ross (the author of The Obscene Diaries of a Michigan fan) for pointing this out. Earlier this week Colin Cowherd was talking about the necessary separation of communication between fans and folks like owners and the media. The ESPN radio host discussed his own experience and loosely mentions the incident years back between he and the now defunct M Zone. He tells his listeners, “that guy, at the M Zone, is the reason you guys can send me emails all day and I can’t send them back.”

Here’s a snippet of the audio (from ESPN’s free podcasts):

Of course he didn’t really explain the story or why he was peppered with email. Cowherd says, “I don’t even know what happened”. Right. His show completely ripped off a post on M Zone back in 2006 and provided no attribution for the source. M Zone and Cowherd eventually smoked peace pipe after Cowherd took responsibility for borrowing the content.

Maybe the feud’s back on!?

I’ll stop there. This may be old news but I got a kick out of it. I’m going to shoot an email over to the excellent offspring of the M Zone to see if they want to break this down and get some takes from those directly involved.

Update 1/18: Andy at Spawn of MZone is on it and posted a reaction here.

Just posted on YouTube, a quick interview with Ohio State center B.J. Mullens this week on the upcoming Michigan game.

Interviewer: Let’s be honest, give me your thoughts on the University of Michigan.
Mullens: They suck. I mean come on. We’re going to go up there and beat them pretty bad. That’s a rival and that’s how it’s going to be.
Interviewer: Do you give a damn for that whole state?
Mullens: No. Not at all.

So that’s fine, I don’t have an issue with a Buckeye trashing Michigan or vice versa, even dropping a “sucks” here and there. But the final question inadvertently produces a great moment in the history of this rivalry:

Interviewer: In as many S.A.T vocabulary words as you can, your opinion of Michigan.
Mullens: Boo.

Isn’t that grounds for an NCAA investigation? A cow could have scored as well on that question. I love it because you know the interviewer is a Buckeye grad, yet he inadvertently delivers a perfect Stuttering John question.

Update 1/17: Good question from Biggie Munn, ‘what in the hell sport did this raj cat play that he did not lose to um in 4 years?‘. Midway through the interview Raj offers that he “went four years and never lost to Michigan”.

Best I can tell Raj was in the homecoming class and his bio reveals he’s a super huge Buckeye fan. Beyond that, I doubt Raj was raining down threes or delivering touchdown dances on old Mich during his time in Columbus.

As for BJM, I consulted some folks at the Princeton Review and they confirmed that the S.A.T would give zero points for that answer. Had the question been, “What do ghosts say?” or “Who’s your favorite golfer?” or, “Name a key character in To Kill a Mockingbird?” or even, “What’s a common urban term for one’s ladyfriend?”, BJ would have been offered some credit.

Damon’s Grill is a decent spot to hit if you travel especially in a pinch when you need to see a game. A few years ago they opened a franchise on State Street just off 94 but I don’t think I’ve stepped in there yet. Last winter I considered stopping by to check out Coach Beilein’s show which is broadcast on location at the rib joint but after seeing this article, I won’t be visiting anytime soon.

The Wall Street Journal’s Weekend Edition published this piece on a crisis affecting bargoers- the practice of shorting pints of beer. Sales of “falsies” or 14oz glasses are on the rise as the price of beer is shoots up. The article goes through the issue and how many beer lovers are reacting, going as far as trying to legislate away the practice as has been done in the UK for quite a while:

In the U.K., the Imperial Pint (equivalent to 19.2 U.S. ounces) has been a government-regulated standard for several centuries. The standard requires use of official pint glasses — with the word “Pint” and the European “CE” marking — etched onto each glass.

I mention Damon’s because they were cited as one of the 14 ounce offenders in the article. I’m sure this is a common practice at restaurant chains but check out the statement from one of the Damon’s suits:

Some restaurants make no apology for reducing their beer-glass size. The Damon’s Grill restaurant chain switched to 14 ouncers from 16-ounce glasses two years ago and didn’t lower prices. “Someone who comes in and wants a beer doesn’t want a huge glass,” says Tanny Feerer, vice president for purchasing at Damon’s International. “Fourteen ounces is enough.”

Sounds like Damon’s is a couple ounces short in the PR department as well. Oh man that was dumb.

Here’s more on the article, including a video and a podcast:

Here’s the podcast:

Mario Manningham NFL draft statusESPN analyst Todd McShay was asked this morning on SportsCenter to list the biggest disappointment in Sunday’s WR/QB/RB NFL combine. He offered up our own Mario Manningham primarily due to his poor 40 times of 4.51 and 4.59.

ESPN reported that six receivers ran sub 4.4 40s including Appalachian State’s Dexter Jackson who put up the fastest time of entire combine at 4.28! Good to know that now.

Please note that this is filed under stupidity, but the brief look I had at Mario’s 40 run made me think he’s got to work on his technique. I assume he’s had some coaching but on his first few steps off the line Manningham’s toes are pointed to the sideline. The fastest guys take a few short steps out of the box, everything pointed ahead to the tape.

McShay did note that Chad Henne is making a good case for the third rated quarterback in the draft. Not a surprise.

A couple polls to get the pulse of the football universe…or a few guys on the internet today. Whatever works:


And you know you’re thinking it but do you have the stones to say it? The answer the Buckeyes but vote away:


Update: Good lord 83%? Michigan fans = Chicago Bears Super fans. Next topic: Bo vs. Godzilla – discuss

Update 2: 88%?!!

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Filling in on ESPN’s Mike Tirico Show was Eric Kuselias, Michigan law school grad. I’ve listened to the guy before and he does a good job, but today he enlightened the audience. He said that he gets annoyed by everyone saying we need a college football playoff. Why? Not because he’s tired of the tired debates. No, the purported MENSA member is bothered by the calls for a playoff because “we already have a playoff. It’s with two teams.” Seriously. I assumed he was kidding at first but he went on with this for a little bit.

Gee thanks Dr. Kuselias. In the future, I’ll try to specify a specific number of teams when arguing for the need of a playoff. This reminds me of one of my econ professors at Michigan insisting that people were wrong to suggest that inflation was a bad thing. No, people should be concerned about “unanticipated inflation.” Right.