1. Townboy Thomas

    I always thought of Coach Rodriguez as more of a “game” Coach than a “program” Coach like Llyod Carr was. That bothered me at first, because I appreciated Carr’s non-infomrative, tight-lipped, conservative fashion in which he represented the program as opposed to Rodriguez’s open and inclusive style. I never heard him talk so smoothly, without all the uhs and umms before…he seemed completely in his element here, unlike when he’s in press conferences, interviews and the like.

  2. Great observation. There’s no doubt RR is a football man. I checked him out during the alumni association on the road event…while he’s a good salesmen he’s clearly more comfortable with the whistle in his mouth. I caught a glance at his shoes…shoes polish hadn’t come near those things in years. He prefers to slip on the nike’s and the track suit.