An epic guest post on mgoblog by uber-diarist and mgo-poweruser Misopogon adding three new columns to “The Clans”.  I call it Clans 2.0: Electric Bo-Galoo:


I’ve gotten a few incoming links from boards following other teams.  Here’s a Northwestern fan’s take on the Wildcat Clans (Packs?):

1) North shore families. We go to the games if the kids don’t have soccer. One of us probably went to a Big Ten school. Hope the weather’s good. Don’t really care if the Cats win.
2) Dark ages PTSD sufferers. A .500 season is something to celebrate. We’ll never be consistent champions, but at least it’s not 1979.
3) Win-at-all-costers. As long as we play by NCAA rules, we should do whatever we have to to win. There’s a reason they keep score. Willing to sacrifice a few SAT points to play in a BCS bowl. EvanstonCat represents this faction on the boards.
4) The FitzPa faction. Fitz is our man for the next 30+ years. Keep him at all costs and trust his judgment in all matters.
5) Family befrienders. Form their opinions about coaches and other NU issues based entirely on what they hear at the family tailgates.


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