02. April 2007 · Comments Off on Coach John Beilein ? Looks like it… · Categories: Archive 2007, Hoops

Well, many sources this evening are confirming that Michigan is going to hire John Beilein to take over the hoops program. Good enough for someone to update Beilein’s Wikipedia entry (sheesh). I don’t know much about the guy short of the pieces posted on him in the Ann Arbor News, particulary by Jim Carty. He sounds like a great coach which you could argue Michigan has had since Frieder, maybe since Orr.

I wonder if Bill Martin will need to have a chat with Coach Carr and talk about how the basketball coach makes more (and not a little more, a lot more) than the football coach. Wow.

BTW – Kudos to Carty. Although he’s a latte-sucking, NPR-listening pinko, JC has done a really nice job covering this. He was sharply critical of Amaker which can’t make life easy for a sports writer in Ann Arbor to knock one of the major coaches. And he used some of his East coast ties to talk to coaches in the Big East about Beilein. Finally, he really pushed for the guy in the News and looks like he’s getting his wish.

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