Just like they did with the head coaching job, the University is following the requirement to post all job openings to the public. Today they posted the Assistant football coach openings:

Market Title: Assistant Football Coach
Department: Athletics
FLSA: Exempt
Salary Range: $130,000 – $150,000
Hours/Week: 40
Shift: Days – Frequent evenings and weekends required

Note: This posting will fill multiple vacancies.

Job Description and Responsibilities: Assist in the planning, organizing, directing, and implementing of all phases of a Division I football program. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: Identifying and recruiting athletically and academically qualified student-athletes, organizing and planning practice and match strategies, participating in public relations and fundraising efforts, observing team members and determining the need for individual or team improvement; determining position assignments of team members; recommending contest strategy for a facet of the sport; insuring adherence to all association and conference rules by athletes and supporting staff; assisting in the monitoring of academic progress and status of team members.

Qualifications/ Skill Requirements: Bachelors degree is required, prior participation and coaching in collegiate and/or professional football is required, proven ability to train and motivate athletes, excellent communication and organizational skills, ability to serve as a mentor and leader, thorough knowledge of NCAA rules and regulations, personal computer and related software skills are all desired.

Geez, eliminate all the other nonsense but the last sentence and I’m a great fit. And manhole covers are round because manholes are round.

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  1. sure, keep just the last sentence, but as long as all the other stuff is in there, at least ensure you know the difference between “insure” and “ensure”.

    “INSURING adherence to all association and conference rules by athletes and supporting staff” <– yeah, that should be ENSURING (my own emphasis added, of course)