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Duty calls.  Per Brian’s post last night on mgoblog, Rich Rod (via various Angel tweets) apparently announced some pretty major moves in personnel.  After parsing through the tweets Brian made this request:

I looked for podcasts on WTKA‘s site but couldn’t find them; maybe MVictors will  be able to dig out exactly what was said so we can parse that into molecules. He’s clutch like that.

Here’s the first segment of the show thanks to Ira at WTKA:

I ain’t got time to bleed, I mean, I don’t got time to transcribe.  If anyone wants to take a run, have at ‘er.

[Updatemgo-transcription and analysis here.]   Relevant transcription only via Brian:

On Will Campbell and Quinton Washington:

“We made a couple moves with some big guys, some backup linemen. Quinton Washington was a backup lineman; we moved him to nose guard. We kinda traded Will Campbell over to offense, where I think he’s going to be a natural offensive guard. After a week and a half I think both of those moves will probably stick for now. I think Will’s got a future at guard, I think Quinton Washington’s got a future on the D-line.”

On the secondary:

“We moved around Cam Gordon. We wanted him to learn—well, he played the deep safety, we wanted him to play the safety up tight. That was a process; he was able to do that. We got Ray Vinopal and Carvin Johnson some more work at the deep safety position to get some flexibility. We have Marvin Robinson, who’s been a safety, playing a little bit of linebacker for us. He can help us in nickel packages.”

On the D-line:

“We moved the D-line around a little bit as well.”

Brandstatter asked “are these kids going to play?” and Rodriguez sayeth:

“Oh, yeah. You’ll see Carvin Johnson and Vinopal playing. Ray is at the same position anyway, but it’s a new position for Carvin. You’ll see Cam Gordon playing more at both safety positions where as before he was just playing one. I don’t know if Will is ready yet at offensive line or Quinton at defensive line but we tried to get them as prepared as we could for this ball game. We’ll see what happens.”

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