Helmet decals.  Honor badges.  Or how about “performance stickers”?   Call it a gut feeling but I think we’ll see them on the winged helmet following the Utah game but we’ll see.  A primer on helmet sticker history can be found here.

Naturally Dr. Sap has been pondering their return and he has mocked up a few potential designs for your review, poll at the bottom:

New Decal Adidas 1. adidas logo
New Decal Blank Old School 2. 1969 old school maize
New Decal Blank 3. 1969 high maize
New Decal BO 4. Bo

New Decal M

5. Block M (Inside Oval)
New Decal NIKE 6. Swoosh
New Decal Sap 7. Pebble grain retro
New Decal THE TEAM 8. The Team x 3
New Decal Victors 9. HTTV
helmetdecals19751982 10. Mid-1970s
Photo Aug 26, 6 53 54 AM Added: 11. Blockhams Bo  (submitted by Scott from The Blockhams)
Block M Added 12. Plain Block M (requested on Twitter and mgoblog)
jumpman Added 13. Via comments, Jumpman (2016?)


Which one do you like, or do you have your own design?  Send it over or hit me on Twitter.

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Old School decal


  1. How about a blue sticker with a maize block M? To me, the old stickers are too big and stick out too much.

  2. Jumpman?

  3. It will be the Mid-70s design this year. That snarling Wolverine is just too damn bad ass for anything else.

  4. It’s got to be football-shaped. And no commercial brands – this is a Michigan tradition, not a flavor of the week. I love Bo, but the program is more than just him. So the snarling wolverine it is. Either mid-1970s or retro pebble grain works.

  5. I like any of the Wolverine ones. Not to knock Bo, love that man, but as a poster above states, its more than one man (he would too agree). The Pebbled one, is by far the coolest…simply because it represents a pig skin!
    ~GO BLUE!!

  6. all of the football shapes are as bad as ohios bucknut. Just simple block M white or yellow (maize). Would be classic just like the helmet it would be on.

  7. How about none; zero? Helmet stickers are clutter on Michigan’s winged helmet designs. Frankly, Ohio State owns the whole helmet sticker thing. I don’t care who invented it (it wasn’t the Buckeyes, assuredly) but they sure as hell made it iconic. Their plain and unremarkable mid-sixties helmet design benefits from the sticker thing. Let them have it. I don’t wish for Michigan to emulate anything that OSU, MSU and a hundred other schools do.

  8. My vote is for no stickers. Helmet is perfect as-is.

  9. I don’t like any of these. Perhaps there’s a version 10 that can be created with a solid wolverine as opposed to a ‘sketched’ one (think sticker #13’s solid images). The wolverine images don’t look very clean. When I think of a helmet sticker, I think it should be a graphically designed image that appears like a logo. They shouldn’t look like someone drew the image on a piece of paper.

  10. I’m not a fan of helmet stickers, but if we have to use them, my vote goes to Mid-1970s.

  11. Interesting. You currently have 1,986 votes on your poll. 1986 is also Jim Harbaugh’s senior season at Michigan. Could it be a sign??? Of what, I don’t know, but of something, I’m sure.

  12. Do players get them in practice or just in games and could we see some in the first game?

  13. I think they’re only rewarded for game performance. In the opener, everyone has a sticker-less helmet.