A few takes from the game, most as it happened:

First half takes: Boy, the Buckeyes came out strong again in this version of the BCS Championship. They sustained the momentum for more than one play but wow….Les Miles and the Tigers have taken complete control. Wondering how Tressel will respond in the second half as against Florida he definitely panicked. Not looking good for the Bucks.

The FOX coverage is a complete bust except for the pregame thing Shaq did for LSU. Oh my god that was hilarious. YES I DIG IT!

Second half takes: Two huge personal fouls by the Bucks lead to an LSU score but the Buckeyes respond with a pick and nice touchdown on fourth down. There’s some life.

The net: All in all, pretty much went like last year’s game with this time LSU running off 31 straight at one point. Actually felt bad for the OSU fans there. I’ve been to games like that. You know many of the same folks in New Orleans were in Phoenix.


  1. those 2 penalties were huge. man, roughing the kicker? what are you thinking?? and then a PF? come on. at one point, i was just hoping osu would make it respectable and not be an embarrassment. again. here we go with more “SEC pwnz0rs the Big 11” smartass comments (although i won’t shed any tears for osu’s crappy bowl record vs the SEC).

  2. Personal Foul – Ohio State – Impersonating a National Champion Contender.
    15 yard penalty, and Pryor goes to U of M.
    First Down, LSU.