Ed.  Dr. Sap is back with his decals for week 6.   This week I added the Editor’s pick, the Fan and the uniform entry.  Here are the picks from Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4 & Week 5.

clip_image002[1]Context:  Back when Bo was coaching the Michigan Football team, he awarded decals for individual as well as TEAM accomplishments.   He also selected Champions each week.

Not only were the obvious categories (offense, defense, special teams) selected, but Bo also made it a point to recognize the not so obvious ones – Scout Team Champions and Team Hustlers – each week.  

Here are the picks this week:


DENARD ROBINSON – I don’t know what else can be said about #16? Just when you think he is down, done, or hurt, Denard comes back stronger than ever! Maybe it’s the added weight/muscle? Maybe it’s the coaching staff calling plays to protect his body more? All I know is that when he came back into the game against the Illini, you could see/feel him take the team on his shoulders and WILL them to victory. That’s a sign of TRUE leader, and dare I say, true CHAMPION?


KENNY DEMENS – The linebacker may have played his best game as a Wolverine with a key 4th down stop early in the contest and a nice interception in the second half. Nice to see that when he got to the bench, he got a hug by the head coach, and not a stuffed Wolverine shoved in his face! By the way, is he still holding on to that intercepted football?


BRENDAN GIBBONS – It’s not every day that your kicker gives you 9 points in a game, but it’s more than that – Gibbons is a totally different kicker. There is a calmness and confidence that just wasn’t there a few years ago – NICE!


JAKE RYAN – For those of you not familiar with the (classic) rock band Steppenwolf, check out their signature song, Born To Be Wild. I think it should be #47’s anthem. Not only does he look Born To Be Wild, he plays Born To Be Wild!  I called Ryan “manster” last week, this week he had his “motor running” all game. This dude is all over the place on defense!


PAT OMAMEH – The guy has such a big heart and I’ve witnessed him visiting the sick children up at Mott on Thursday nights.  He shtick is not only hilarious, the kids absolutely love it.  He clearly doesn’t do this to be recognized but last week he was officially named one of the 11 FBS players on the AllState AFCA Good Works Team for his charitable work.  Props to Pat – thank him if you see him.  Want to support the group that does the Thursday visits?  Buy a shirt.


VIN SMITH & PINK TOUGHNESS – Vincent Smith showing how you rock the pink like a badass:


How you can you not give it to these guys?  Damn I want one of those sweaters.  (And BTW they had me well before they formed the human victory cigar):

the boys

Runner up – the couple blasting the vuvuzelas.   How did they get those past security?  (Don’t let your imagination wander on that):



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    1. “All I know is that when he came back into the game against the Illini, you could see/feel him take the team on his shoulders and WILL them to victory. ”

      Denard had a great game and deserves the sticker (especially for having zero turnovers!), but I’m not sure his will, shoulders, or even his presence in the stadium were required to beat Illinois.

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