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Ed.  Steve Sapardanis aka “Dr. Sap” is back with his decals for Michigan State week.   This week I added the Editor’s Pick & Fan Award.  Here are the picks from Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, Week 5, Week 6.

clip_image002[1]Context:  Back when Bo was coaching the Michigan Football team, he awarded decals for individual as well as TEAM accomplishments.   He also selected Champions each week.

Not only were the obvious categories (offense, defense, special teams) selected, but Bo also made it a point to recognize the not so obvious ones – Scout Team Champions and Team Hustlers – each week.  

Here are the picks this week:


DREW DILEO – I think Denard just found his own version of Jason Avant. Clutch catches in traffic – that’s big time!  Maybe Dileo should wear #8 next year! And don’t forget his perfect holds and spots on field goals.  


J.T. FLOYDHis Pass Break Ups thwarted at least three of MSU’s drives. I’m not saying it’s because he is dread-less, but I’m just saying…dude is starting to be that lock-down corner a defense needs to be great.


BRENDAN GIBBONSI said last week that “Gibbons is a TOTALLY DIFFERENT kicker. There is a calmness and confidence that just wasn’t there a few years ago.” I haven’t been this confident in a UM kicker since Remy Hamilton. So sweet to see Michigan on the other side of a 12-10 score thanks to their kicker!


JORDAN KOVACS – I think I’m going to just call this award the “Manster” award from now on. Kovacs was all over the field this game. Whether it was on blitzes, or coming up from the secondary to make tackles, he seemed to be where ever the ball was. And dang, the way he returned that interception, I thought he was going to take it to the house!


THROWBACK #5 FONT – Did you happen to see the old school style #5 on some of the UM player’s jerseys? Mealer, Omameh, Schofield, Barnum, Demens, Avery, and Clarke were sporting the throwback #5 on their respective jerseys, yet guys like Wile, Black and Ross were not. Also interesting that this font style appeared on the front and back of the jerseys, but not on the shoulders. I wonder why?? (photo via MBN)


The winner without question, the legendary beast—the great Steve Everitt. I spotted him on the sideline from the press box during the second half.  I need some type of a heads up when Everitt is in town, people.  

Here he is willing the final kick through the uprights:

everitt kick




MATT WILE:  All the kicks were huge obviously and Wile gets the Editor’s pick for drilling the 48 yarder.



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    1. That is wierd about the number fonts. I’m about to go watch highlights and try to spot them rightnow. I love the oldschool font they used on alt unis last year and have wondered what they would look like on the normal solid navy jerseys ever since. I did notice some of the jerseys had the Block M above the nameplate on back of jerseys like last year and others had MICHIGAN written across the back of the collar instead.

      And I’ve noticed JT improving as well. Just imagine this D if Blake was still back there with him. I love how these Hoke/Matti/Borges teams get better throughtout the season, it’s like the exact opposite of the RR years.

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    3. The difference in number fonts may have been the result of tearing or damage to the original numerals and their replacements, may also explain the difference between TV numerals and chest/back numerals

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    5. Drew Dileo was definitely Denard’s Wes Welker.

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