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Steve “Dr. Sap” is back delivering the decals.  Ufer Award is mine this week:


DEVIN GARDNER – In order to fully appreciate what Gardner did on Saturday, some perspective is needed. Jim Harbaugh was the first Michigan QB to throw for over 300 yards in one game. That happened against Wisconsin, in Madison, in 1986. Some big names have produced some big games and record-setting performances in Michigan Stadium. Guys like Roger Staubach, Bob Griese, Sandy Schwab and Donovan McNabb. Unfortunately, the common thread here is that all of these players were opposing QBs.

98 77 Devin is my friend and I will love him and squeeze and hold him

NEW 98 finally put on a show for the home crowd to see! Denard Robinson’s best two statistical games? At Notre Dame and at Indiana. Tom Brady? At Ohio State. John Navarre? At Iowa and at Minnesota. Heck, even OLD 98 had his best games at Cal and at Ohio!  Great to see Gardner make it happen through the air – especially when the opposing team was daring him to throw by putting 7 or 8 defenders in the box. Lesson learned from last week? I hope so.


THOMAS GORDON – I was going to go with Blake Countess as I counted three Pass Break Ups in the endzone , with one of them being on a two-point conversion attempt. Instead, I went with Gordon whose two INT’s pretty much took the air out of the IU 4th quarter comeback. Without those two picks this game might still be going on!


BRENDAN GIBBONS – Gibby extended his school record consecutive PAT streak to 136. Don’t think extra points are important? Just ask Indiana. They went for two to try and tie the game instead of going for one and keeping it a one-possession game. Their failure to convert changed the complexion of the game by making it a two possession contest. That’s a BIG difference even if your offense can score in 90 seconds. I’ll take those odds every time. Extra points are HUGE!


JEREMY GALLON – Of all the great players Michigan has had at the wideout position, none have even come close to the yardage Gallon racked up against the Hoosiers on Saturday. I mean this is Ron Johnson stratosphere level. Just a few yards shy of the NCAA Record for receiving yards? WoW! I am very happy for Gallon – he has been through the ups and downs of this Michigan Football Program and just keeps doing his job – getting open and catching the ball. Legendary!

IMG_2155 - left eye


LOVE PINK – I’m still getting used to seeing this on every team’s unis this month at every level of football. Believe me, I get it and I understand it and am all for the cause – just not sure what kind of precedent this is setting. Does this mean that next month all players must grow Freddie Mercury-like ‘staches in honor of MOVEMBER?


That said, U-M had a Pink Ribbon Decal on their helmets for Breast Cancer Awareness Month:

Michigan helmet ribbon

Uniform timeline updated.


TRICKED OUT SLED GUY –  Props to the dude who slides this pimped out Denali into the Champions Lot, not far from the tunnel:


Runner-up:  Blue Wacky Wind Tube boy:

01 Tube guy

Runner-up:  BUTT GIRL via M. Spath:



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