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Here are the Decal Champions for Week 2 by Steve “Dr. Sap” Sapardanis:

OFFENSIVE CHAMPION – I have watched a lot of Michigan Football over the years – coming up on 40 of them this year – and I have never seen a QB looked more poised, more comfortable and more in command of a Michigan offense in his 2nd career start than Wilton Speight.  That includes some great, legendary names down through the years and even when you look at Jake Rudock in Game #2 last year, he was nowhere near the efficiency that Speight is at right now. I get it that Rudock was only on campus for a few weeks this time last year, but let these numbers sink in: since his 1st throw/interception last week, Speight is 35 of 50 for 457 yards with 7 TD’s and 0 INT’s. WoW!!! I’m just gonna leave it at that – WoW!!

DEFENSIVE CHAMPION – Spread option teams can make ANY defense look bad and out of position. While UCF did gash the Wolverine D for a couple of big plays, Jabrill Peppers was all over the field once again. There was one particular play where Peppers tracked down UCF’s fastest player and did not let him turn the corner. If Peppers is playing in the defensive secondary, #5 would have been that much further away from making the play and UCF would have gained a 1st down. THAT play right there gave me hope that JT Barrett can be contained come November. Just sayin…

SPECIAL TEAMS CHAMPION – Two tipped punts by Tyree Kinnel and two tipped field goal attempts by Chris Wormley in one game was unbelievable to see!


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Not since Marquise Walker was doing his things on Special Teams years ago have I seen a Kick Return/Block Team look so effective at getting through the line and getting a piece of kicks.

COACHING CHAMPIONChris Partridge has to get some credit for setting up the Special Teams unit for success. Can’t remember a game where Michigan ever blocked/tipped FOUR opponent’s kicks. Impressive, coach!

UNIFORM CHAMPION – I’m down with the shoes – especially the yellow (Amarillo) soles. I think they look sweet when players are running down the field and their yellow (Amarillo) soles flash up and down.


Via mgoblue.com

I know a lot of you were expecting the traditional black shoes, but you gotta dig the blue and Amarillo shoes! I know I do.

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Week 1:  Chris Evans, Mike McCray, Jabrill Peppers, Don Brown, Michigan helmet
Week 2:  Wilton Speight, Jabrill Peppers, Tyree Kinnel/Chris Wormley, Chris Partridge, Shoes (soles)




  1. Is jumpman on their underwear as well? Do not like it on shoes or gloves. Just too much.