Huh?  On eBay right now, a placemat and a menu from Bo’s Steakhouse.  It was apparently located somewhere on Boardwalk where the Seoul Garden restaurant resides today.  Did this actually exist at some point? 

Sadly the menu contains very few Bo-era menu tie-ins.  I was hoping for the something along the lines of the Hammerstein Half-Pounder, the Bergeron Burger (includes thickcut John U. bacon), AC Iced Tea, Touchdown Billy Taylor Tator Tots, Jumbo Elliott Shrimp, Bubba Paris Potstickers, Erik Campbell Soup De Jour, etc.


Bo's Steakhouse Placemat

Menu Cover 


Bid on these beauties here, and someone hit me up if you know the history of this place.


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  1. It was originally a Ponderosa Restaurant that closed in the early 1990’s. It reopened as Bo’s in 1992, but closed in a few months. It looked a lot like the Ponderosa, with a few UM memorabilia items added. It was a bit disappointing.

  2. Bo actually owned a Domino’s in Columbus…