You might know that Yost Ice Arena, the current home of your beloved Frozen Four bound hockey squad, was once the home of the Michigan basketball team.  Up on eBay right now is a wire pic of hoops star Cazzie Russell and notice the gent who’s featured on the wall with his familiar grin:

cazzie with Yost

I’d like to see that giant photo hanging somewhere inside Yost–AD Dave Brandon, you must bring it back.  Extend the Yost brand!

A couple other items of interest.  First, up for bid an actual official 1953 Heisman ballot with one reporter giving the nod to a Paul Geil of “Michigan U.”:

Paul Geil Michigan Heisman

If you don’t remember Geil’s exploits here in Ann Arbor, don’t feel bad.  He actually played for Minnesota and had a fine career.  Merrell’s messy vote didn’t matter as Geil finished second to John Lattner of Notre Dame in a very tight vote.

Finally, I love this shot of Bo with Ricky Leach in a classroom setting, talking some serious football:

leach and bo


  1. is that Bo’s famous yard stick in that picture as well?

  2. Thats quite a jacket Bo is rocking.

  3. Greg: I have this photo (the one of Cazzie, not the large Yost one.) If it’s the same photo, this one has been cut slightly at the bottom, which substantially decreases its’ value, since it cut me and five or six of my friends out of it. (kidding.) I’ve often wondered where that photo has gone — it (he) was a big presence in that old Field House – you could see him (and he could see you) from almost any spot in the building. I can see Bill Buntin standing under that photo, with his wife and young 2 year old son, having just emerged from the locker room after a game.
    I think you (you’re the one with the influence) should contact David Brandon, ask him about the Yost photo’s whereabouts — that should be on display somewhere. Bill