Once again we’ve got a Michigan Rose Bowl ring on eBay adding to the recent auctions of the 1977-78 and 1980-81 versions. This time it’s a beauty from the 1986 season and it commemorates the Rose Bowl appearance [see the auction here].

The game was unfortunately a loss for the Wolverines who fell to 22-15 to Arizona State in Pasadena. Schembechler’s men actually played 13 games that season somehow getting the green light to schedule Hawaii after the close of the Big Ten schedule. A shocking defeat to Minnesota on November 15th was the only other setback that season for the Wolverines who ended up ranked #8 in the AP.

The seller is a true beauty himself…see what I mean as you check out this warning to bidders within the item description:

If you have zero feedback or less please bypass this auction unless you contact us first, otherwise your bid will unfortunately be cancelled then stomped all over before we catapult it into outer space using our giant intergalactic slingshot. There are too many of you rascals out there who understand with absolute precision how to place a bid but freeze up like a popsicle during the payment process it’s really quite weird.

This ring is very nice. A little worn, but the inscription of “The Team” below the likeness of Rose Bowl makes it special. I’m guessing it’ll fetch a couple grand even in these hard times.

As far as these rings going up on eBay, it hurts a little bit to see these up on the block but we just don’t know the circumstances behind the sale (if it was sold legitimately) and I like the way MVictors reader Brian framed it in his comment a couple weeks ago:

….I think getting items like this into the hands of those that appreciate them and would happily display them is better than storing them in some box in an attic where grandkids will throw them away. I’m convinced that those that appreciate their UM FB experience would not sell them unless they are in dire straights. Those that don’t appreciate it….shouldn’t have it in the first place. I expect a Boren ring to show up soon.

UPDATE 6/2: Is this Garland Rivers’ Ring?

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  1. As a former player I am saddened to see this ring up for auction on many levels. Did the M Man who owned this ring lose it, was it stolen from him, is he in a tight spot financially or perhaps he does not value the experience of having played for Michigan or being mentored by Bo?

    If it was for financial reasons he must have know he could have turned to his former team mates for help.

    I would be interested to see whose name is on the ring.

    The Old Man

  2. By the way this is a Big Ten Championship ring, not a Rose Bowl Ring, so Boren wouldn’t have one.

    Well, his father Mike would…but do you think he would sell it?

  3. I had a ring that Rafael stole although I don’t like football.

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  6. I am writing to comment on your recently posted article concerning the 1986 Michigan Big Ten Championship Rose Bowl ring which was listed on ebay and sold June 9, 2008

    The original article which drew attention to our auction seemed to serve a purpose and I was amused by the commentary referring to the seller as “a true beauty himself” which would refer to me.

    The following update to the first article and posted to your web site after the auction ended unfortunately came across as slightly misguided despite what most likely were good intentions behind it.

    The article correctly stated that our auction was canceled then re listed with (relevant) information that was inadvertently omitted from the original listing information such as the gold weight, and size of the ring along with additional posted images of the ring taken from various angles

    We also provided a very small amount of personal information about the player who was originally awarded the ring which was simply used to narrow down but not identify conclusively who this player was.

    We provided this additional information not to increase the selling price of the ring as suggested in the article, not that there would be anything wrong with that, but to satisfy the numerous requests from potential bidders for us to provide more information and hints about the name of the player himself.

    We received several emails from individuals who could not understand our insistence on protecting the the identity of the player, one bidder actually informed us that because we refused to divulge the player’s name he would bid (conservatively) based upon his assumption that this player was an “insignificant starter”.

    Despite my feeling that it would be like speaking to a wall I informed this bidder that it was not the name we were protecting it was the privacy of the player, just as we would do for the bidder if it was his name that appeared on that ring.

    I pointed out as well the obvious flaw with his logic that is by definition there is no such thing as an insignificant starting football player, certainly not one who starts and competes in such a high profile game as a Rose Bowl.

    It was surprising to see however that someone such as myself who has absolutely no knowledge of the University of Michigan, or in College Football, The Rose Bowl, The Big Ten or the player named on the ring would insist on protecting this player from possible unwanted exposure, yet your web site which thrives on these subjects would go through such lengths to undermine his privacy by means such as examining with a magnifying glass photographs of this ring for the sole and seemingly pointless purpose of exposing the identity of this player.

    I would not second guess the motivation of your web site or behind others who claim to have concern for this player and wonder whether hard times led to his ring being auctioned on ebay, even a former Michigan coach from 1986 contacted me expressing his concern. However, good intentions aside, I fail to see how the exposure of this player in your article could be considered to be in his or anyone else’s best interest.

    If the individual you spoke with was the actual player named on this ring it seems completely clear that we did the right if not the most profitable thing by keeping the identity private. Also, based upon what seemed to be genuine embarrassment, and his reluctance to divulge any information about this ring I do not believe the former player was exactly appreciative for the manner of exposure he received by your web site due to conditions and circumstances that existed regarding this ring.

    I appreciate the time and exposure given to our auction by your fine web site.

    Eddie Libman,
    True Beauty

    Ebay Seller

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  10. Michigan wasent in the rose bowl in 1986…. dann ass

  11. @Sebastian
    The rings celebrate the season, not the date of the bowl game. The season is ’86, with the Rose Bowl played on 1/1/87

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