While the plenitude of former All-American player and coach Harry Kipke is hard to explain, it’s not surprising that there are always plenty shots of Bo up on eBay.   Recently you can find a nice assortment of Schembechler blowing his stack. 

Here’s my favorite from the ‘82 UCLA game:     image

From 1986, furious and dumbfounded


One more from 1983 – hat still on head for the moment, notice the M club ring:


And I had to include this one.   Here’s hoping Bo gave “Michael” the stink eye when he asked him to sign this $2 bill (because that’s hippie money), up on eBay now



Bo’s Calling Card
Bo’s Helmet Stickers
Woody says, “Don’t give this to Bo!”

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  1. In the ’86 photo, who is the assistant behind Bo? I know it would not be him, but he looks sort of Brandon-like.

  2. @Bumby
    pretty sure that’s Cam Cameron

  3. That is for sure a young 25-year-old Cam Camerson…..After playing for “The Legend” Lee Corso at Indiana, Cam was an Asst. in Ann Arbor under Bo from 1983-93…it’s interesting as i look back at the many Bo on the Sideline wire photos that i have, the Asst Coaches that can be receognized that went on to Head Coaching Positions in College or the Pros….there were many.