A quick edition of eBay Watch featuring a beautiful metal ashtray depicting pre-renovation Ohio Stadium, when the Horseshoe was truly a horseshoe:

ohio stadium ashtray

The holidays are times to revisit your family, friends and of course your vices.  Who doesn’t enjoy the occasional cigar over the holidays and what a better place to snuff out your smoke? 

Jokes aside, it’s a pretty cool item and from what I’ve learned from watching Mad Men is that people used to smoke a lot.   Therefore it’s not surprising that I actually featured a Michigan Stadium-themed ashtray back in March:

Just as I suggest that Michigan fan might like the Ohio Stadium ashtray, back in March I offered that it’d be hard for a Wolverine fan to crush a smoke on this beauty:

As far as the item itself, I think this very cool but I’m wondering if any M fan would crush out a cigarette butt into Michigan Stadium or on the likeness of a wolverine.  It’s kind of like walking on the block M in the Diag.  Perhaps that explains the ashtray’s pristine condition?

The auction for the OSU ashtray ends on December 1.


  1. Suburban Scarecrow

    Umm. Maybe acceptable behavior has changed, but when I was a student many of us went out of our way to walk on the M to prove we weren’t superstitious.

  2. And on the other hand, Buckeye FB Players do not have any problem whatsoever with crushing some UM butts on their playing field. Go for it!

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  4. Speaking of butts, did you hear DeFran’s tirade last week, saying that he “knows” Michigan is going to fire Rich Rod in January? Personally, I don’t think DeFran knows much of anything (as evidenced when he shares his political views with us), so I’m not putting too much stock into his rant. In fact, I remember him proclaiming G. Robinson was a great hire for the defense, and when people pointed out his so-so defenses at Denver and Texas (Robinson was the D-coordinator when Michigan shredded them offensively), he dismissed them. I don’t deny DeFran probably knows a regent or two, but I have a feeling these people are just expressing personal views versus stating actual facts.

  5. I’d love to see that ashtray bought and then a photo taken of it with a large pile of poo inside. Best use ever for it!

  6. Well Greg, I guess you’ve arrived… you have buckeye trolls polluting your forum now. I guess they got tired of shitting all over everything in CBus and feel the need to branch out so to speak.

  7. i lost that auction by 50 frickin cents. thanks for the heads up Greg, next time ill pay more attention to the auction. i would have loved to bang out 100 cigars in that.

    • funny, that post got picked up by yahoo (Doc Saturday) and some local media. That didn’t do you any favors. Next time I’ll tip you off then post it post-auction !