Big Ten writer Adam Rittenberg picked up my recent post discussing the proposed non-conference game between Minnesota and Michigan, and the comments from Gopher AD Joel Maturi.

Rittenberg took it one step further, asking the B10 offices if they would of had an issue with league schools scheduling games like this:

A Big Ten spokesman said the league would have no objection to two of its members scheduling a non-league game. In 2002, Purdue and Indiana scheduled a nonconference basketball game in December because they were scheduled to meet just once during the regular season.

I believe Michigan and Michigan State did the same thing in hoops a few years ago as well to avoid that ridiculous scheduling snafu.

I’m waiting for a comment from President Obama on all of this, which I realize is a story about two guys talking about something that didn’t happen.  But–it’s definitely of interest to me, the mere idea of resuming the Minnesota rivalry prior to 2011 is an exciting idea and it provides a little insight to the scheduling process.  I applaud the effort by Martin to try to make this happen.

Elsewhere: The Minnesota Star-Tribune is also now reporting the story of the talk of the 2010 game (scroll down, then to page 2), with a nice mention of MVictors (but no link – insert frown – which is clearly in breach of the IFON* accords of 2002).

* The Intergalactic Federation of Nerds, pronounced iPhone


  1. This was my original post and scoop on mgoblog. Bill Martin is a much more credible source than the AD for Minnesota.

  2. Ehh, what else did you want Rasta? I cited your username, your exact quote and a link to the mgoblog diary on my original post.

  3. Rastafari, why do you say that the Michigan AD is a more credible source than the Minnesota AD? They both basically said the same thing. How is one more credible than the other? Does not compute.