Update 9/11/2011 – The Big Man was on the field for the epic 2011 Notre Dame game – more here.
Steve Everitt, Michigan football
Former Michigan offensive lineman Steve Everitt (89-92) was one of the honorary captains at today’s game. A few quick stories:
* After a bowl game (I believe the 1993 Rose Bowl in Everitt’s senior year), ABC was doing a post game interview when a deep voice bellowed, “EVERITT RULES!”
* He lost his helmet and had his jaw shattered in the middle of the 1991 Notre Dame game. Doctors put three plates to stabilize his jaw and they gave him a special chinstrap. He returned to play 20 days later. One of the screws they used to insert the plates came loose and has yet to be found.
* During a trip to the Rose Bowl, Everitt climbed that hill that has the Hollywood sign. Someone got a pic of Everitt dangling from one of the letter Ls.
* While playing center he broke his snapping hand. He learned how to snap with the other hand and didn’t miss any action.
* The sideline Wok microphones were aimed at the offensive line one game, I don’t know the circumstances. The team is watching the game film. Everitt pancakes a guy from the other team, gets right in his grill and asks him over and over, “YOU LIKE THAT, HUH? YOU LIKE THAT, HUH?”.


  1. The man is a beast. I remember watching him wrestle with a friend Randy Stark, a backup LB, while in school hanging out at Randy's place. He tossed Randy around like he was a little kid and Randy was a good 6'4 240.

    Interesting to see a current picture of him. He looks a lot like I would suspect him to.

  2. After tossing Stark aside like a child, he jammed Scotty Mudbowl inside a Cottage Inn pizza box.

  3. thanks for this post…I needed it after today's game in the cold, wet, damp, snow, sleet afternoon in the Big (there wasn't really 107,000 people there, or was that tickets sold?) House….the "healing" pics on Spawn of Mzone help, but your post brings the true meaning of what Michigan football is all about. as I'm sure Steve Everitt would agree with, "it's a MAN'S GAME!"

  4. I was the girl that broke his snapping hand when he played center.

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