Recently fired WTKA morning host Dave Shand addressed a few questions via email today. I’ll comment later but I wanted to get these out there:

MVictors: Did you have any indication at all (prior to last week) that there were a group of folks looking for you to be fired?
Shand: No indications anything was wrong. The show was going great.

MVictors: Any guess what comments struck the nerve? I heard you go hard at the deans of the U-M schools a week or so ago. And you called out one by name. Do you think this had anything to do with it?
Shand: Three things were brought up in the meeting with Ryan Curtis our special promotions director and Brian Cowen, our program director.
1. My ex wife in an associate athletic director at Michigan. Bill Martin thought talking about our divorce on the air was disrespectful.
2. I criticized [named omitted] the Dean of Kinesiology for being incompetent. I taught Sports Law there for 6 years. She never even knew who I was or what I taught. And there are only 12 people teaching. This [was said] was in the context of what makes Michigan great. It’s not the leadership or the deans but the great teachers and students.
3. The last thing was when I made fun of the fat police officer who pulled me over. He is the DARE officer in Saline and Bill [Martin] thought it was over the top.

MVictors: You personally have direct ties to the athletic department, you list Red and Lloyd on your resume. Have you spoke to any of the coaches or staffers?
Shand: I have not talked to Red or Lloyd. I have too much respect for them to put them in a difficult position. They did nothing wrong. Bill Martin did.

MVictors: As far a radio, you built a pretty good following – what’s next? Are you going to look for more radio work?
Shand: We’ll see about radio. This has left a very bad taste in my mouth. I am working with Chris Easthope and practicing law full-time. We’ll see what comes up in the future. The theme of the show always was do the right thing. I’ll continue to do the right thing.


  1. If Dave chooses to stay in radio, I would follow him to any station, including purchasing satellite.

  2. Speaking as someone who has a pretty good insight into the “real” Dave Shand, this is about as close as you can get. Whether you like Dave or not, he is honest in his opinions. That’s one of the main reasons I started in the first place. After listening to him – even the stuff you don’t agree with – his opinions and thoughts are well valued and show a true grounding in honesty.

    Now as far as firing the guy because he said things that people disagree with, I learned a long time ago when I was writing columns that when people DON’T disagree with you is when you need to start worrying. So he said something about a police officer. Did anyone ask for a rebuttal on the air? He criticized a few deans. Did any of them respond or ask to respond? So Dave talked about his divorce. That’s between him and his wife, not Mr. Martin. To send a “lackey” (bad choice of a word but it comes to mind) to get rid of someone whose comments you don’t like is just plain bad and leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    My questions to ask would be:
    – Why didn’t the school president talk to Dave about any perceived issues the university might have with his comments not withstanding the athletic department?
    – Was there any contact between the university and Mr. Shand prior to this event regarding their feelings about his commentary?
    – Why was the Athletic Director the one to call when the entire issue with Dave had nothing whatsoever to do with athletics? That I believe is the real crux of the issue – the throwing of a threating weight around.

    We have to go back to the way it was handled and marvel at the way some people have lifted the edge of the rug while sweeping, hoping all the while nobody notices.

  3. you have to admit talking about your wife and a divorce on radio is probably a bad idea. And calling a dean “stupid”: also a bad idea. All of that said, a little warning would have made more sense — this just seems like a knee-jerk reaction.

  4. Would you expect less from the Arrogant Leadership at UM? They are pompous asses who shrivel in the face of any real adversity. I’m sure that Dave feels he deserved better.

  5. MI Fan in Saline

    I won’t comment on all the things Shand mentioned but I can tell you from first hand experience that the Officer Ringe that he referred to in Saline is a first class jerk.

    He is know around town are a real hardcase.

    And anything Shand could have said about him was likely well deserved.

    • Your 'first hand' knowledge should tell everyone what kind of 'choices' you make, if you are having run ins with the law!

      Officer Ringe is an outstanding community member, and wonderful role model for the youth of Saline!

  6. Keith from Chelsea

    Without sounding like a total geek my mornings have not been the same without the antics and insight that Dave brought to the airwaves. It would truly be a loss to sports talk radio to not have Shands show somewhere.

    I have been a Michigan fan all my life and while this has soured my passion for the big BLUE it will not keep me from Michigan sport’s hope Dave does not cave to Martin,Tka or anyone that does not deserve the power that they have.
    So Dave fire up, get those competitive juices flowing and get back on the radio, if for no other reason than to show the powers that be that they can not keep you down.

  7. Chaz in Ann Arbor

    I stopped listening to WTKA the day after Dave was fired. I was already switching over to 1130 in the afternoon for Jim Rome, so now the dial just stays there…

    Wickett and Shand were a ridiculous combo, and like Keith, mornings just are not the same without them. I know Wickett left on his own, and that was a bummer, but Dave was hilarious no matter whom his partner was. I met Mike and Dave at Frazier’s after Wickett’s last day, and they were both gracious and humble.

    I am an Ohio State fan, but I listening to all of the “UM honks” was worth it to hear Dave’s stories and rants… I think I would even cheer for UM Hockey over OSU Hockey!!! my e-mail address even pre-dates Max’s by several months.

    Dave, if you are checking up on this, please get back into the entertainment business, be it radio, TV or even getting together with Max for a webcast…

    Chaz in Ann Arbor,
    The original Dave Shand Fan

  8. Hey Chaz? Get over yourself. I am the original Dave Shand fan.

  9. John Colwell

    Dave Shand was a refreshing change from the geeks that can’t say anything controversial, or anything critical of authority figures, either because they can’t think, or because they are afraid to speak their true thoughts. The silence of the local media is also alarming. This is the kind of behavior by authority figures and media that got us into Iraq.

    Shame on Martin, and shame on WTKA! This country needs a whole lot more Dave Shands, and Donahues, too.

  10. Sounds like a lot has happened since I’ve been gone. Dave has never been one to pull punches, especially on the air. I also know Dave understood what good radio was, and how close you sometimes needed to come to “that line”. I have no “inside info” on the situation, but I can only hope Dave and WTKA lands on its feet. Cheers from Milwaukee!! Wickett-go brew crew! Best in MLB!

    [Webmaster’s note: ‘Wickett’ is Shand’s former co-host on WTKA. Thanks for checking in on this and hope things are going strong in brew-town].

  11. Keith from Chelsea

    This is all your fault , the show was never the same without you. That being said money does talk and certainly made you walk but I know we could have passed the hat and came up with a couple of bucks to have you hang around for awhile. Hope all is well in brew town we miss you here in A2. If you talk to Dave tell him to get his ass back on the radio so the world can know that it takes more than a pink slip wearing Martin to keep a good man down.

    P.S. We all know you miss the TIGERS, so that’s enough about the brew crew.

  12. Thanks for the clarifications, Dave. I would not want to hang by the end of a rope waiting for Bill Martin’s version.

    Don’t give up on radio, Dave. If I was a station manager, I would get you and Bacon together to handle drive time. It would kill anything out there. You demonstrated you are ready for a bigger stage beyond that 5000 watt blowtorch that goes off the air at sundown.

  13. What a bunch of morons at the big blue choke machine…Typical behaviour…just like Lord Carr…every time he is interviewed, he is a petulent little pain the ass. Look at coaches like Tressell and Carrol, they are gracious when the pressure couldn’t be higher!
    Dave shine these idiots on and go to a real sports station that has over ten listeners!

  14. Here it is, September 15, 2007, and I turned on WTKA for the first time in about 6 months ( I took it off my radio dial and web pages ) and no Dave Shand !! Yipee !! I couldn’t stand his political leanings, (something that shouldn’t be on a SPORTS station) and wouldn’t recant his positions even presented with facts (slander of another radio host).
    But now I can “re-listen” to WTKA. GOOD RIDDANCE, Dave !!

  15. I thought Mike & Dave in the Morning was the BEST show on radio. “Story Time” with Dave was better than “The rest of the story” with Paul Harvey. They brightened the days of everyone around the office and classroom that I ran into. I’ll never forget Dave and how he could irritate anyone at anytime. If he’s ever looking for a paid speaking engagement, I’m willing with cash in hand. Dave is truely one of a kind. If you are offended change the Fucking dial!!

  16. After listening to what is on the radio and seeing the ratings being posted by WTKA, its safe to say firing Dave was a costly mistake. If anyone should loose his/her job, its Bill Martin for the “JOB” he’s done with the athletic department. Thank God for John U. Bacon being back on the radio on Mondays. Please quit messing with a formula that works. “Story time” with Dave was the best radio segment next to Paul Harvey’s “the rest of the story”. Dave should write a book or a least put a CD together with his various stories. He would never have to work again because sales would be explosive!

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