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  2. hilarious watching carr dance. I’m late to this discussion, but do we know why luscious lloyd supposedly had it in for miles?

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  4. Bonus,
    Here’s a summary of the rumors of the Carr-Miles feud from a comment on mgoblog:

    Here is the beef between Lloyd and Les:
    1. Lloyd never liked Les’ attitude while they were assitants. He thought Les was a little too hot-headed.
    2. Les was in a bar fight when he first started coaching and apparently bit the dudes ear.
    3. Les made comments about Lloyd’s son Jason when he replaced Todd Collins after he was injured. He made a comment about the QB depth being the problem. Lloyd got pissed.
    4. According to some, Les made comments about Lloyd’s health (which were true) to recruits. I can understand this one.
    5. Les started campaigning for the job after the 7-5 season. Lloyd heard about this and was furious.

    All of these are from Lloyd’s persepective (and other Anti-Les people). I was told this by a close friend to one of the assistant coaches.