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What did you offer to Greg Paulus? I offered him a chance to join our team, work-out with our players this summer, and a chance to compete.    And I know you guys don’t like to talk about it, but the young man genuinely wants to continue his education and what a better place to do that than here at Michigan
Did you discuss the possibility of playing time on the 2009 team? We discussed the opportunity to play for Michigan.  I told him he’ll have the opportunity to compete for playing time like anyone else.

By the way,  I reminded him he’d be joining us a little late in the game so he’s got his work cut out for him.

What did you tell Tate Forcier, Nick Sheridan and the rest of the quarterbacks? The same thing I told them when I recruited them and when we’re recruiting other quarterbacks.  I’m offering people a chance to compete and ultimately players earn their playing time.  I’m not handing out any free passes for playing time.  We’re never really going to stop looking for new players, we can’t, and they understand that.  If they don’t they shouldn’t have come to a school like Michigan.
Tate Forcier spoke to the Daily and indicated he was in the dark about whether Paulus was joining the team.  Did you see Tate’s comments? First off, I’ve spoken with Tate and we prefer that matters regarding personnel are addressed by the coaches exclusively.

But I told Tate the same thing I’ve said all along, he and the other players are going to get a fair shot at playing time.  The coaches are making the decisions on who’s joining the team and who’s playing.  That’s the deal when you come to Michigan.  I don’t think that’s much to ask.  And my door is always open if they’ve got questions and  they know that.

Is David Cone concerned about Paulus taking a run at his rap title? I don’t know but he shouldn’t be, at least not after watching Greg stumble through that PTI interview.
Do you really need another quarterback? [laughs].  While I’m pleased with the progress Tate, Nick and the rest of the guys made this spring, this program needs six or seven quarterbacks.  That’s what we kept at my previous job.  Too many things can happen.
What are the chances that Paulus could see the field? I have no idea.  Until anyone takes some meaningful reps in this system you have no idea.  If he joins the team we’ll have a good look at him next fall.  I offered him a chance to compete, that’s all.  Like I said, he’s behind the other players naturally by not having been here.
Are you ok with Paulus talking about all this in the national media? Listen, I decided long ago not to worry too much about what everyone in the media, on the internet and the radio and all that are saying.  Until a guy is in our program I can’t really tell him what to do or say or think.

I will say that he’s in a unique situation and he’s trying to figure out what to do.  If he wants to talk about that process with the press that’s his decision.

Are you concerned that he hasn’t played quarterback in 5+ years? I’m concerned about what Michigan guys can do, and he’s not a Michigan player.  But from what I’ve seen on film and what I knew about him when he was in high school, there’s enough there to see what’s he’s got.

Keep in mind, we hold open try-outs to students to see if they can fill gaps somewhere on our team.

A lot of folks in the media perceive this as a desperate move from a coach who’s reeling after a 3-9 season.  What do you say to these folks? Look, my performance will be judged based on what we do on the field and on the character of the young men who come through the program.  Nothing else really matters, especially how someone on ESPN assesses the state of this program based on the fact that I talked to a kid about possibly being one of the 100 or so players on my team.
Are you concerned you’ve created a media circus by offering Paulus a slot on the team? Look, if adding players to potentially make this team better is creating a circus, then I guess that’s life.  The fact is that being a head coach in any program but especially here, you are going to get headlines for everything you do.  I try to make decisions that are in the best interest of this program and making this team better, that’s all.  If that makes headlines that’s out of my control.
What would you say to bloggers who are creating fake press conferences? Get a life.

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  1. Clearly this is fake. We all know that Rodriguez speaks only in haiku.

  2. Seriously, dude, that’s awesome.

    Because it’s exactly what he would say in so many instances. He should just direct everyone who asks about Paulus to this link.

  3. I feel I can speak for Rodriguez, at least on the last question.

  4. lol, this was awesome.

  5. Brilliant. I was out of town for a couple days, and initially thought this actually happened, it rang so true, until I checked at the top. Bravo, Greg.

  6. Thanks gang. A couple years on Capitol Hill paid some dividends I guess.