Interesting stuff on Jim Carty’s blog this morning, he mentioned it on his call into WTKA this morning. He pulls out a few of the West Virginia sports columns from November 2001, the year Rich Rod’s crew went 3-8. Check out the parallels to the current situation. Is this comforting at all? Not really man, but interesting.

Elsewhere in an exciting time in the nerdosphere:
* Michigan Sports Center wants Shafer’s butt.
* WLA wants everyone to stop bitching.
* Maize and Blue Nation begs for your patience.


  1. I like Michigan, regardless. They have & will continue to be a team I root for…however I’m a Mountaineer Fan to the core. You should have asked, we could have warned about Rod. He had the same shirts in Morgantown. No big surprise. Has great vision but certainly lacks in loyalty & the word tradition. The Jug is a given & she be honored each year. I’m not surprise that Coach Rod doesn’t understand the tradition behind it. I wish you luck & I’m guessing you will have a new Coach in the coming years…one that respects your program as much as the fans do.

  2. Rod, the first year went 3-8 and then he went to a bowl game aginst Virginiaand lost me and my son walked out ant half time and started back to Alabama were we live. but the next year he was the greatest, and was up until he pulled the Franchoina and went to Mich.. He will make yall a good coach as long as Brown stays out of the Pic. H e will bring it around, but at that point who knows, only Rod and Brown Knows that.