The folks at Forbes reset their rankings of the most valuable college football programs.  To create the value metric, Forbes “standardized the revenue and expense streams for each team, since the methods of reporting to the Department of Education are often inconsistent from school to school.”  Michigan dropped from #4 this year.  Snap shot:


Without trying to figure out how this will change the value metric, the introduction of the luxury suites and club seating will certainly give Michigan a boost next season.   Roughly speaking, if mostly sold, the expansion should roughly bring in an additional $12 million next season. 


  1. Big 10 in Top 20…


  2. How’s that Bill Martin Legacy looking now? A first… no men’s national championships for the decade and now a drop from 4th to 11th. But hey, we got some new buildings and the Victors Club/PSDs!

  3. still looks pretty good to me, I don’t think they are complaining on that profit #. This does not make any sense when looking @ team value vs. profit…