The first wave of fierce adidas gear hits the racks at the M-Den this week and much of the stuff is pretty fresh. The Ann Arbor News ran a short piece on the arrival and co-owner of the M-Den Doug Horning loves it saying, “The quality, so far, has been great, and the lettering has been exactly what we asked for.” He added, “We think the fans will be very pleased with the new product.”

Conspiracy theorists might suggest this was coordinated by Bill Martin, who unleased the freshies as a modern day bread-and-circuses hustle to distract people from the Rodriguez settlement. Pretty sneaky, Bill!

Photo Credit: The Billy Dollaz likeness compliments on Autumn Thunder, dig it

Update: I found the adidas shirts here. M-Den’s site nav requires superior web skills.


  1. Do you know if they have new hats yet? hasn’t been updated with the new inventory yet. Their site is so poorly laid out, I may have missed it tho.


  2. Under the “New Arrivals” on the new Adidas stuff is up.

    I wonder if that is it…the “Big House” hat is pretty good- but I will have to wait for the new sideline.

  3. That’s where I found the gear BenAA – went to Football/New Arrivals

  4. I think the “new fresh” apparel is much of the same old stuff we have seen for years. Adidus isn’t adding anything that NIKE had not offered for years. Will Michigan ever offer the real “fresh” approach to apparel??