Woodson's interception against Michigan State 1997

You like me have likely been suffering through ESPN’s tournament for the greatest sports highlight of all time (which inexplicably contains an entry with no actual footage and may have never actually happened: Babe Ruth’s called shot). I typically hate these things unless there’s some Michigan-related element to it (see Legg’s goal winning the ESPY).

To make a bit interesting I rolled my head through the greatest highlights in Michigan football in the past 40 years or so. Several came to mind and I’m certainly missing some of your favorites. My favorite? See the pic that leads this story. I was in the upper deck in Spartan Stadium on the same side of the field and saw the whole thing. My head almost exploded when I realized what I had just watched.

Here’s a poll and get your takes and feel free to add your own entry:


Here’s what I could find on the YouTube. Thankfully I witnessed each of these in person except for the great Wangler to Carter game winner and of course the Harmon ditty:


– Johnny Wangler to Anthony Carter vs. Indiana, 1979:

– Charles Woodson punt return vs. Ohio State, 1997:

– Desmond Howard Heisman pose punt return vs. Ohio State, 1993:

– Charles Woodson ridiculous interception vs. Michigan State, 1997:

– Braylon Edwards catch against Michigan State, 2004:

– Elvis Grbac to Desmond Howard vs. Notre Dame, 1991:

– Scott Dreisbach to Mercury Hayes vs. Virginia, 1995

– While not in the last 40 years, had to add Tom Harmon deeking out the drunk fan against Cal in 1940:


  1. The only video i ever found and saved to my hard drive (way before youtube time) was the woodson interception. Even back in Windows 95 land, i found enough space on my 250 meg motherboard for this redonk interception. Nothing else seemed worthy, and i can’t argue today. Woodson was the Whirling Dervish of Michigan Football.

  2. Hey, I noticed you haven’t included the 2005 Michigan-Penn State game where Chad Henne threw to Mario Manningham with no time left on the clock. Maybe not the greatest play ever, but it definitely was a great moment for Wolverines Football.